10 Ways For Children To Build Self Esteem

by McKenzie
(West Virginia)

Self esteem is just another bridge or mountain, that sometime or another we are all going to have to climb over. It's really easy and I know sometime eventually we all need a hand to do that. Here are some simple tips to guide you along the way,

1: Don'tbe afraid to stand up for yourself in a positive way.

2: It's not anything to be ashamed of to get help when you have trouble building up your self esteem.

3: This is your life, live it like you mean it and steer it the way you want to go.

4: Everyone needs self esteem, trust me it's a lot easier to live your life with it.

5: Live up to the consequences, it will be hard, but not a total struggle and defenitly worth it in the end.

6: You are you so don't be afraid to be yourself, live life with fury.

7: Don't worry, you are not alone, and you won't ever be, not only are me and other authors here, but so is God.

8: Don't ever give up hope, your life is probably already challenged enough, and giving up hope won't ever get you anywhere!

9: Look at things in a positive way, don't ever doubt yourself, you are an amazing person and deserve self worth! Just remember Live Laugh Love.

10: Most importatly, did you notice I didn't ever say never in this composition, excepting that one time, but anyways NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Also excepting those two.) I'll try to write weekly, but I'll defenitly write again, I hope that my story not only helps you, but also inspires you to live up to your lives, personally set by me here are two goals for the upcoming week

1: Help yourself with these tips, at least accomplish two of them, any of them you want.

2: Be inspired by these tips and help others around you with them. Have fun with the new you, hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Just so you know these are personally experienced tips, and if there are any children out there reading this, I am also a child, I'm in fifth grade and I'm 10 years old. Have fun, and remember NEVER SAY NEVER:)

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