Amazing Katelyn

by Tenille
(boise, idaho)

My 3 older daughters have been volunteering at the local second hand store for the past month and a half.

My husband went to pick them up the other day and they had a big blonde afro wig with them. Being the funny guy that he is, he dared our 13 year old, Ashley, to wear it for the first day of school.

She quickly declined, and my 9 year old, Katelyn, spoke up and said she would do it. So, for the first day of school she wore this huge wig as though it was her own hair. She did not make a fool of herself, show off, or let it be a distraction to her at all.

She was able to have a lot of fun with it and felt great about it. I would have never even considered doing such a thing as a child and even as an adult, would question whether it would be too embarrassing.

I am so proud of her for having such self confidence and character. She truly is an example of self confidence and has such security in who she is.

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