Assertiveness training


I've delivered confidence building and holistic classes at the Well Women Centre in Lancashire for many years.

The most recent class I gave was on Assertiveness and the group of ladies really took it to heart and got so much out of it (more than any other course). The basis of this was to practice 4 different ways to communicate in their everyday lives and report back to the group each week.

The 4 ways of communication that I had them practice were: Negotiate(Compromise), Concede, Demand, withdraw!

We discussed their new experiences with anecdotal references and lots of laughter. I was very surprised how quickly everyone's self esteem rose by doing this exercise. I observed straight away that these ladies felt empowered again. Of course the side effect was also having happier relationships and therefore...lives!

It was Wonderful so I'm planning some more sessions in January 2012!

Deborah Lechouritis MICHT

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