To bring up my self esteem, each day I wake up, or at least during the day I go to the mirror. I look at myself even if my little voice in my head is saying "look at those bags under your eyes","Ew, you look gross", and all those little negative comments further crushing my self esteem.

However, I brush those comments away, and then look at myself. Just purely look at my self, I put up my hand, and touch my hair, my eyes, my cheeks, my neck, I trail down and further examine my body.

After this I pick something that I like about myself. Sometimes, it's externally, and some other times I say things on the inside that I love about myself. Instead of focusing on what I don't like.. each day I say something different about myself that I love. It brings me up. And I can't help, but smile, and just take a sigh of relief, and joy.

I wonder if I can't like anything about myself, then I will be afraid of everything in life, afraid of living, afraid of joy, afraid of those I'mma wear yoga pants, uggs, and a messy bun, and I just don't want to do that. I know I am going to look bad sometimes, but that doesn't mean I am not beautiful on the inside and outside.

I have resorted in not really watching television anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love some shows, and movies they play on there. But, the negative view on women, and the behaviors of women just make me think of how brainwashed we are.

How women become more self concious by the media´s views on women, WHO MUST WEAR MAKEUP ALL THE TIME, MUST DO HAIR ALL THE TIME, MUST DRESS UP ALL THE TIME, must flirt like this, but don't do that, and this and that. I'm tired of it. I want to be my own woman, not someone else´s view of a woman.

Remember ladies, we are WOMEN, hear us ROAR! (: Be strong, and remember You are BEAUTIFUL.

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Feb 11, 2011
by: Julie

Thanks for the uplifting thoughts!! We should all appreciate ourselves MORE just the way we are!!!I also HATE how women are viewed on TV and movies...very downgrading sometimes! ;-( I think women with "character & personality" are much more interesting! ;-)

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