Begin to stop hating yourself

by Kapi

My dear friend had gone thru some very emotionally traumatic events in his life, and had no self esteem at all.

Because I had been by his side during that time, I was the lucky one who was able to point him in the right direction to begin to stop hating himself.
I told him to look at himself in the mirror everyday for 5 minutes, and if he could do that and not look away then he had to say to his image,:"I know we're messed up right now, but we won't be that way forever".
Then I told him that he had to look in the mirror and smile at himself and say, I think you're okay, and I kinda like you".
Eventually this graduated to the point that he can now look in the mirror and say to himself, I love the person I'm looking at and we are fabulous.
It took him 6 months of doing this everyday, and the hardest part he said was just looking at himself in the mirror and accepting who he was.

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