Catch and Release, a true story

by McKenzie

I remember the exact date, December 5th, saddest thing that ever happened to me, but if I told you that would be jumping ahead, so let's start from the beginning.

I was sitting in my 4th grade classroom, I was a nobody, yah I had freinds and all, but wasn't exactly the ideal popular princess of them all.

Anyways back to reality, there was a sudden knock on the door and our teacher ran over to get it. She opened it to reveal the principal with two unfamilar faces, she anounced their names were Elijah and Rebecca.
I looked at the two of them, and when I did, I felt something special, like we had some sort of special connection. They rushd into te room. That day at recess I went over and spoke to Rebecca. Turned out we had a lot in common.

As the weeks past Rebecca and I bonded even more and got closer and closer. I rarely opened up to anyone, but with Rebecca I felt like I could tell her anything, before she came I had 0 self esteem.

When she was there I learned that life was just a bumpy road with lots of pot holes but there would always be true friends to guide you along the way.

She stood up for me and was there when no one else was. We called each other everyday. I called her everyday, one day when she didn't answer her phone I got worried, she always answers her phone.
Later that night, I got a shocking call, Rebecca was moving to South Carolina!

What was I going to do without her? On December 5th 2010 my best friend moved from West Virginia to South Carolina.

I missed her so much. After she moved everyone acted like she was never here, but to me she was the most important thing that was there.

As it came with her my self esteem also left with her. She promised to call me everyday, but as the year winded down I barely got any calls from her. But not because she wanted to, her phone was going to be disconnected. No West Virginia area code in South Carolina.

I still remember the last thing she said to me, ''Some things in life are made to hold onto, but others are made to catch and release. You know as the old saying goes, if you love something you'll set it free, if it comes back to you it's yours if it does't, then it never was.''

That's when I started to realize, Becca wasn't mine to keep, she was there for me to catch and realease, to help me build up self esteem. I wrote this poem for her after she had to stop calling me.
Roses are red, violets are blue, there isn't anyone as true to me as you. You told me not to cry for you, but can't help if every once in a while a tear comes out of the blue. I might not ever see you again, but I owe it to you to say you are a true freind. You couldn't imagine how much time I spend trying to find my friend.

Hopefully one day I'll find her again. Her voice still rings true in my ear saying something I hope you all hear, a lesson learned is a blessing earned, and to me it's proven, sometimes it's just better to ''Catch and Release.''

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Oct 11, 2012
by: vani

very nice...

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