Compliments Build Self-Esteem

by Jeanette
(Los Angeles, CA)

Build your confidence

Build your confidence

To receive a compliment is nice, but it is not always easy for some to accept.
To give a compliment is somewhat easier than receiving.

In the field of work I do, I make it a point to compliment the residents. Whether it's for good grades the children have, a great picture they may have drawn, or the great help they are in helping their mother.

A lot of the time the children tend to except compliments well.
The ladies I work with have come from a place where their self-esteem has been damaged. To be part of helping in rebuild their confidence and life is a great feeling. (It actually builds my self-esteem)

Just the basic daily accomplishments that they complete are recognized and I compliment them for a good job done. There is excitement in them that has not been there for a long time. It gives them confidence and they realize that they can do good and they can accomplish their goals whatever it may be, big or little it all matters.

It encourages them to set more goals and now their self-esteem is growing. So I believe compliments do help build someone's self-esteem. I see it everyday and it's awesome!

Yours truly,
J. Zamorano

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Feb 14, 2010
The danger of hunting for Compliments
by: Brett Glover

Compliments might build a sense of self importance but in reality they set us up for a crash. We can become addicted to seeking compliments and this is a road to depression and self loathing or worse angry resentment.

Finding grace is much better, God loves us despite our looks, gifts, talents, effort or popularity. If we believe God loves us then we can save ourselves a lot of pain and suffering. For more on grace as a way of finding a real sense of value. See

Feb 10, 2010
Thank Goodness for People Like You
by: C. Rosemead

Jeanette, to be able to demonstrate by your actions and words spoken, is an ability that truly comes from within.

It's encouraging to know there are people out there who truly care about individuals mental health and well being.

Complimenting & encouragement can result in a multitude of reactions, such as, build-up self esteem & confidence, set & complete goals, and passing the same compassionate ways to others as you have displayed to them.

You sound like an awesome individual...Keep it up

Feb 10, 2010
by: Julie

I really liked your posting about giving people compliments! It is nice to hear positive compliments instead of negativity...too many people seem negative these days. Positive compliments make ya feel GREAT!! ;-)

Feb 09, 2010
Thank you Jeanette
by: Zoltan - Admin

Thank you Jeanette for your honest and kind words. You sound like a person with big heart who appreciates everything in life no matter how small it is. We should all learn from you.

There were lot of interesting points in your comment. Compliments do build someone's self-esteem. Once you accomplish something it's a wonderful feeling to know that there is someone out there who cares, who acknowledges your success and who can express that feeling toward you.

Compliments - as you said - encourages people to go further, to set other goals and achieve them. Life is in a constant motion. Never stops. That is why we all have to have goals and goals again to keep this motion alive.

Keep up the good work Jeanette and thank you again for your nice comment.

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