Corporate Team building Exercises

Corporate team building exercises are valuable tools to use for

Putting a team together

team training and development . When you start putting a team together, you have to find the most qualified person for each job - and sometimes personalities clash or egos get in the way.

A roomful of people working towards a common goal doesn’t automatically equal a team. They have to work in tandem, or the process can take forever. Imagine a team of horses trying to pull a plow - if one goes fast and slightly to the right and the other goes slow and slightly to the left… you get the picture. Everyone needs to pull together (and in the same direction) for any serious ground to be covered.

This means that your team members need to get to know each other - and not at a cocktail party. Each member of the team needs to have respect for all the other members, and a spirit of trust must be established for optimal results. Developing the ‘team mind’ can quickly and easily be achieved by activities and games designed to improve communication, increase trust and build relationships between the different members of the team.

The main focus behind team building activities is to construct a functioning group that can effectively work together to achieve goals on a daily basis.

There are numerous team building approaches; some prefer to hold ‘group seminars’ or ‘training classes’ or ‘workshops’ on team building. Unfortunately, many people find this method boring and there is little if any information retention, because no-one has actually shown the team members how to work together.

Another option is to hire a company that specializes in developing and setting up corporate team building ‘retreats’. This can be effective, but costly for small companies and difficult for employees to attend.

Sometimes you can simply find your own plans and set up a ‘team building weekend’ or even hold sessions during regular work hours instead. This is a good option for small businesses or ones which attempt to respect the fact that their employees have lives outside of work.

Managing an in-house team building program can be complex, but the returns are worth it. By creating your own plan, you can incorporate targeted activities that deal specifically with your situation and allow more flexibility than a generic program designed by a third party. All you have to do is carve out the time, select a venue and decide which exercises and games will work best for your group.

Corporate team building exercise, activities and events should put people into new, challenging and fun situations. You want maximum interaction between the team members, and a mixture of group, split team and one on one exercises to help each team member learn to work with every other person on the team.

This way, they will learn flexibility and also become more accepting of mistakes in others as they realize they too are not perfect. Strengths and weaknesses will be uncovered and recognized, and plans can be made for improvement. From there, improving the quality of the team as a whole will follow as a matter of course.

One major focus of all corporate team building exercises is the development of better communication between team members. Many office or project problems are caused by lack of clear communication, and this can be rectified by using games and activities to improve back and forth between team members as they strive to conquer obstacles and reach goal together. Members of the group will also learn to take advantage of individual differences, cope with change, become supportive and appreciative of each other as people as well as coworkers, and work together to establish creative solutions to problems.

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