Corporate Team Building Games

Corporate team building games help forge a bond between co-workers and create a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. The workplace can be stressful, but if every member of the team learns how to communicate effectively, there will be less chaos and more mutual endeavor.

Research shows that workers who have fun at work are more productive, creative and motivated ; they become better able to meet the demands of their job, have better physical, mental and emotional health, and develop flexibility.

Many highly productive workers are strictly ‘left brained’ people - which means they are extremely focused and logical, follow instructions well, and are good at reasoning things out. These people may be good at math or science - fields where logic and reason reign supreme - and often show a distinct orderliness in their professional as well as personal lives. However, they are not always the best at ‘thinking outside the box’ or able to adapt to rapidly changing situations.

One of the best benefits of team building play is the opportunity for such employees to tap into the right side of their brains, and developing the ability to tap into the creativity, intuition and imagination that can boost them from excellent employees to superlative ones.

The domain of the right brain shouldn’t be restricted to ’creative types’ - there are thousands of ways it can be utilized in the corporate world as well!

Benefits of corporate team building games

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1. Games get people involved in the learning experience. People who listen to instruction, no matter how good they are, generally only retain about twenty percent of what they are hearing. People who actively take part hold on to ninety percent of the information they’ve been given.

2. Games allow for failure. Games give the players permission to fall and pick themselves up again. Mistakes are an integral part of the learning process, and playing games gives people the chance to fail and learn from their tumbles in a safe, low risk environment

3. Games develop the team dynamic. Team play allows a group to discover how to work together to make decisions and adapt to change. It also uncovers unique weaknesses and strengths to be addressed and built upon.

4. Games increase trust, creating the opportunity for team members to get to know each other and themselves better. New experiences and ideas allow self-examination and awareness to take place, and teammates will view themselves and others in a new, more positive way. Each member of the group can sharpen their awareness of group dynamics and see where they fit in.

5. Games can confirm the value of teamwork. Often a team is being built out of A-list employees, and it is discovered that many of the members are too competitive or too inexperienced at teamwork to work well together. Fun corporate team building games can be used to show them that sharing information and responsibilities dramatically improves team effectiveness.

6. Games are fun. Why is Google such a great company to work for? Most employees of the huge internet company say it is because the job is fun that so many innovation and creative solutions are produced. Games can revitalize a group or even rebuild morale. Research shows that happiness and productivity are related - and making training fun can improve information retention by getting team members involved.

7. Games teach. Corporate team building games deliver lessons, skills and experiences for each participant. Some games involve problem solving, while others are physical. Many are designed to enhance communication skills, and others focus on organization. Games can be played in groups, one on one, or attempted as individuals - it all depends on the game and the lesson to be learned!

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