Free self-esteem activities for any age and gender

Free self-esteem activities can be of tremendous benefit to your self help plans! If you are struggling with self-esteem issues, you may be despairing over your options. You haven’t got unlimited money to spend on books and expensive therapy! Fortunately, there are many activities to build self-esteem that cost absolutely nothing.

The first activity anyone can do to build self-esteem is to say affirmations. You can write out affirmations and tack them all over the house, you can tape record yourself reading them (for use in the car or for hypnotherapy) or you can even compile your own little book on index cards and carry them with you for little ‘esteem boosts’ throughout the day.

Set daily or weekly goals, and reward yourself when you reach them. Be realistic, but try to set your goals just barely outside your comfort range to allow room for growth. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back when you succeed! Make a chart for a month, and be sure to circle each day that you meet your goals.

Keep a diary that details each day how you did or said a positive thing. In fact, make another chart and each time you consciously refrain from saying or thinking something negative about yourself add a star to the chart. As days go by you will see the stars increase as you replace your bad habits with good ones that display a healthy attitude about yourself.

Another great way to build self-esteem is to help others. Volunteer your time at a local charity, or visit a shut in neighbor or the nursing home. You can even perform random acts of kindness, like letting the harried mom with a crying baby cut in line at the grocery, or donating used items to a shelter.

Try to make something grow. This can be as simple as planting a few seeds and nurturing them until they spring up. The rush you can get from helping create something is unparalleled and sure to raise your self-esteem.

Same with hobbies. Pick a hobby that requires little or no investment, and learn as much as you can about it. Make time to indulge yourself and spend a little time alone learning something new! Make sure to give yourself credit for a job well done.

Find something you are good at, and look for ways to share it with others. If you are a great cook, show off your talent by helping with bake sales or make your home the neighborhood stop for a full cookie jar.

Look for open classes offered for free by local community organizations and churches. You can often make new friends and surround yourself with positive energy as you explore different avenues. It is good to surround yourself with people who build you up rather than drag you down.

Plan to put yourself in situations that stretch your capabilities, and try to learn new things. Make sure to praise yourself for every success, no matter how small. You can always ask for help if you get stuck, and learning a new skill is always an accomplishment to proud of! Free self-esteem activities can help you to build your self-esteem and be more confident to handle every day challenges.

Self-esteem building activities

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Self-esteem activities

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