Developing Self Confidence

Developing self confidence is the first step toward your happiness. Building a new "YOU" is essential to feel special, unique and to realize that your dream can come true with effort and persistence. Most people fail in their life because they give up too early. Take Winston Churchill's advice;

"Never, never, never, never give up!"

Take baby steps first to achieve small goals and go bigger and bigger as time goes by and you feel more confident on your chosen field. Small choices make such a difference on a long run. Small choices are easier to accomplish, but they still take you closer to your final destination. Reward yourself after accomplishing a "small choice".

Encourage yourself. It's very important to give some push to yourself on rainy days. There are certain things at certain times that you have to do even if you don't like doing it. You have to do it no matter what.

How you behave in the midst of your downturn will determine your self-esteem and self confidence. Respect and love yourself for who you are and go for your chosen goals to accomplish them.

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Developing self confidence is a gradual process that will take time. The ultimate goal is an unlimited confidence in your own ability to handle all situations. You have to feel that you can handle though situations and learn and grow. And don't forget that the challenge you face today and you think it is impossible to handle will be history tomorrow. You will not even remember "why was it so hard for me?" You will not understand why that came up as a problem at that time.

Are you familiar with this feeling?

I am sure you are.

These are just a few ideas on how to build high self confidence. By working toward your goal on a daily basis, your self-respect will gradually increase and you will find yourself more and more able to handle any situation that is placed in front of you.

Additional tips for developing self confidence

Building high self-esteem

I would like to have your feedback to deliver the information you need in the future and to give you the proper support for building your self-esteem and self confidence. Any comments, suggestions would be much appreciated.

Life is awesome. Enjoy it my friend.

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Thank you for listening.

Zoltan Roth