Goal setting tips and ideas

Today I would like to give you certain goal setting tips that can help you to build a stronger foundation for your self-esteem and confidence:

1. Understanding the importance of goal setting. You have to analyze and examine your life, your habits and find your passion and the direction you are willing to move forward.

2. Write down your goals. Make as specific as possible about them. If you have multiple goals set priorities. Find the most important goal, the one you have to move forward, the one you have to do something on a daily basis to get closer to.

3. Break them down to smaller goals and set a specific time frame to accomplish them. These goals have to be challenging, but make sure that they are realistic as well.

4. Tell someone about your goal(s) who can inspire you, who can encourage you during hard times and ask her/his opinion about your goals and get feedback along the road.

5. Reward yourself. Whenever you accomplish your goal give yourself a little "present". Chocolate, pizza, movie or just pat on your own back. He-he-he:) This is my favorite part!

6. Be aware that you will face difficulties throughout the process and you have to do certain things even if you don't feel like doing it.

7. Ask for help. It's natural that we all bump into difficulties that we need someone to help us out.

8. Never, ever give up. Please promise me that you never, ever give up!

9. Once you reach your goal relax, enjoy your time and set another one.

In writing it looks so easy, but to experience it day by day, well it's a different story.

Goal setting works best when you set realistic goals that require you to work at achieving them without seeming overwhelming. As you continue to ‘win’ every day, your self-esteem and confidence grows and you will feel able to tackle higher toward more challenging goals!

There are 3 very important things you have to remember when you set goals.




Smart goal setting takes into account all of above mentioned goal setting tips and helps you develop a right state of mind and a game plan for getting things done quickly and more efficiently.

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Life is awesome. Enjoy it my friend.

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Zoltan Roth