Goal setting ideas

Everyone needs to set immediate goals in their life that they can achieve quickly to help grow self-esteem and self confidence.

They need short term goals that require work over a period of time, and long term ones to allow them to dream big and achieve even more.

Short term goals

Imagine you are three years down the road and you meet yourself. Ask your future self some questions:

Where do you live?

What do you drive?

How do you make a living?

What is your yearly salary?

What are your hobbies?

What have you given up, or started doing?

What new skill have you learned?

Write down your answers. These are your short term goals; the ones you can hope to achieve in a few years time.

Long term goals

Ask yourself the question: If you had a hundred thousand dollars to spend, what would you buy? You can’t invest it, pay bills with it or anything like that - you have to spend it just on yourself and the things you want. Write down at least ten of them. This lists represents some of your long term goals; things you want to achieve in your lifetime or even just the next twenty years.

Break down your goals

Make a schedule or mark your calendar for milestones that break down your goal into manageable sections. If you feel that you must diet but will have a hard time giving up certain things, choose just one to concentrate on for two weeks.

At the end of that time, choose another thing to give up, and a week later add another. Make sure you add something to take the place of what you are giving up - replace soda with flavored fizzy water or unsweetened juice, and stock carrot sticks and low-fat dip to get you through your potato chip cravings.

Do you see how goal setting can be easier when you plan ahead? Anyone can eat a whale if they cut the bites small enough. By following the steps above, you will create a worksheet that will help you define any goal you set, make a plan to achieve it, and track your progress day by day.

Additional personal goal setting ideas

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