How to build self-esteem during hard times!

There is a financial crisis all over the world. People are loosing their jobs, can not afford to pay their mortgages and credit cards. Everybody is having hard times. But there is an advantage of situations like that even if it's very difficult to acknowledge that. People are more focused on REAL VALUES. People pay more attention to families, friends and loved ones. They spend more time taking care of each other than ever before. Their focus is on helping others who are in need. Nobody really knows where the economy is going or what our future will look like. But, people are trying to be happy with whatever they have. And, that is very important.

Now, having a new car or moving into a bigger house is not an option. Flying to the Caribbean or soaking on the sun in Costa Rica is very unlikely to happen. You start spending more time at home.

When you can not afford to dine-out you will start cooking to save money.You start cooking your daughter's favorite dish and you will see her smile after dinner, because that is what she was missing. Quality time with the family. Embrace that feeling and enjoy it.

Your focus has changed direction. You have more time to spend with yourself or your family and friends. Most of us having the same difficulties and that feeling can ease up the tension, knowing that you are not alone.

I can not emphasize enough the importance of the real values. You, your family and your friends.

Whatever happens in your life is not as important as your approach toward that particular event. You make the decision to feel good, energized and awesome or dwell on your misery and don't do a thing to live a happier more prosperous life you all deserve.

So, what to do now?

1. Make a list of things you have always liked to do.

2. Make a list of things your children always liked to do and do it together.

3. Make a list of things with your spouse you both love to do.

4. Take long walks alone or with your loved ones. It doesn't cost you anything, but it's an interesting self-discovery and a wonderful way to explore others. During the walk ask questions. Try to figure out the other person's interests, hobbies and their inner values. Do these hobbies together if you can.

5. Reach out to others with kind words and a positive approach toward life.

6. Play board games with others.

7. Call a friend randomly and ask her or him about their hobbies.

8. Go out, watch the sunset and make a wish. Do that with your spouse or your children.

9. Learn something new. Read a book, listen to music. There is so much you can do.

These are just very few examples of what you can do to have some fun during even these difficult times. People are always more important than any asset you own. Own the feeling of being happy, smiley and you will become the richest person on this planet.

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I would like to have your feedback to deliver the information you need in the future and to give you the proper support for building your self-esteem and self confidence. Any comments, suggestions would be much appreciated.

Life is awesome. Enjoy it my friend.

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Thank you for listening.

Zoltan Roth