Ideal body image

What is Your Ideal Body Image?

Struggling with an ideal body image; obesity and eating disorders are huge problems of today’s society. Many people think that they have to match some kind of untold expectation. The good news is: we are not created equally, but different people have various tastes.

Researchers did prove that not every man likes skinny models, and most certainly would not prefer living with a woman who looks like she just came off the cover of a magazine. We are humans, and this is normal. Having a realistic body image is something we all need to aim for.

What is a realistic body image?

The first thing every man and woman should consider is their genetics. You might have heavier bones, and it is also hard to grow 5 inches taller.

You need to accept what you inherited from your parents. Weight is something most people struggle with, and they think that if they are starving long enough, they are going to look like celebrities and models.

You have to accept that this is not a requirement, and certainly has nothing to do with happiness. You can see many people walking on the street, less blessed than you, and still happier. They accept their body as it is.

How can you change your inner picture?

You might have picture of the “ideal you” in your mind. And the more you keep thinking about it, the clearer the image will be.

In some cases this problem of thinking about your weight, skin, facial features, and hair can damage your health. It is a main source of many eating disorders, like bulimia and anorexia. You slowly lose connection with the reality, set unrealistic targets for yourself, and find yourself very sick both mentally and physically.

In order to live a healthy and happy life, you need to accept yourself as you are, and only try to change what is changeable. You definitely can’t grow taller, but might start wearing high heels.

You might look weighing more than you do, but by dressing appropriately, you can fix this problem, too. If you really want to start an exercise program, always concentrate on the long term goals, and consult with a doctor.

Accept yourself to be accepted

We all seek acceptance from our environment. People with an unrealistic body image assume that others can’t find them attractive, because they are not looking like celebrities.

This is not a real expectation from your friends and family, and most people will like you because of what is inside and not how you look. The problem with today’s society is that there is a commonly accepted ideal body image, every man and woman wants to match.

These people lack confidence, and don’t think that they are loveable enough because of what they are. The importance of great looks is stronger than ever before, and the media keeps feeding teenagers with programs encouraging them to go on a diet or have a perfect body.

Once you can accept yourself, you will see that other people will look at you differently, seeing that you have more confidence.

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