Maslow's Theory of Motivation

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Now, let's talk about Abraham Maslow's Theory of Motivation.

It was intricately linked to his hierarchy of needs. Maslow believed that people were motivated by real or perceived needs in their lives, and that these motivators could be internal or external.

Here is Abraham Maslow's Famous Hierarchy of Needs motivational model

Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Human needs start at the physiological level. These are linked to primitive drives - we cannot survive without them.

Next come the safety needs; In our modern world, a job, a stable home life and a secure future reside on this level.

The next step brings us to the belonging needs. This is the desire for love and acceptance from others. We need social interaction, friends, partners, and the emotional connection to other humans. Without these we can suffer from fear, loneliness, depression, anxiety or other physiological disorders.

Near the top lie the esteem needs, and this is where the pyramid gets shaky for many people and this is what my whole website is about! We need respect and approval from others and respect and approval from ourselves as well in order to build our self-esteem and confidence. Lack of these things is what causes a loss of self respect, low self-esteem and inferiority complexes.

Self-actualization. That is the top of the pyramid. Fulfilling these needs doesn’t just bring you up from a negative state to a state of balance and harmony - meeting these needs puts you over the top into a positive state where you are constantly able to improve yourself and become a stronger, better you. This is where true happiness, success and contentment can be found. These are the 5 levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Self actualization is the mountaintop of contentment reached by meeting all needs and reaching a plateau of extreme happiness, according to Maslow's theory of motivation. Maslow felt that very few individuals ever reached this level, becoming bogged down instead in the next to last phase.

Satisfying needs is not to be considered selfish. The manner in which needs are met, however, can be selfish; it is part of personal growth to reach a point at which unselfish acts are possible. If needs are met appropriately, the individual is actually filling in 'deficiencies' in his or her life, and becoming a more healthy, balanced person to radiate positive energy all around.

More about Maslow

Hierarchy of needs

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