The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and You

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games has started. What a spectacular event to gather the best of the best in the same place to compete for the medals. It is 4 years of hard work, dedication, focus, speed, stamina, strength to qualify and to prove to be the best. For most of the athletes it’s really a life-long training. They had to invest so much energy, sacrifice a lot to show the world that it was worth it. Spending endless hours in the Gym, running, biking, swimming under extreme circumstances and hopefully get the well-deserved reward throughout the next couple of days.

I respect these athletes. They set a goal, - to qualify for the Games or to win a gold, silver or bronze medal - they created an intensive exercise program in order to get the most out of their physical, mental and spiritual “skills” and they go for it.

I mentioned earlier on my website that the whole point of these events - in my opinion - is the “road”, to qualify, to get to the Olympic Games and to do your best over there.
The sweet reward of your effort - to win the gold, silver, bronze medal or anything you consider success - is that you learned a lot about yourself under extreme circumstances. You built up a “warrior” who will face challenges with courage and enthusiastic excitement.

These people gained so much confidence during the preparation and if they can turn that knowledge into action in their real life (outside the sport arena) they will be the real winner of their own life.

If you wanted to change your life this is the time to do so. I think the time of the Olympic Games is even better to start making some changes than January 1st to begin your new year’s resolution, because you can get so much motivation, inspiration by looking at those athletes on the TV. When you make any changes in your life the first couple steps are usually the hardest.

Making decisions what direction to go, set up a plan and probably the hardest to DO it. Any time you feel that you are lost, tired or exhausted just turn on the TV and look at those girls and guys out there and think about how much pain, suffering they had to go through to be there during the next couple of days. I am not only talking about sport of course. I am talking about the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of life as well.

Being an Olympic champion is a challenge. Building your child’s self-esteem is a challenge. Developing your self confidence and being a positive role model to your children is a challenge. Overcoming jealousy is a challenge. Loosing weight is a challenge. Taking care of your loved one who is sick is a challenge. And the list goes on.

Consider yourself the Olympic champion of your own life. Be the Olympic champion of building your self-esteem. Be the Olympic champion of loosing weight etc.

Set up your own Olympic trial. It can be 4 years or just 1 or 6 months. Break it down to small steps. Slightly challenging, but achievable tasks and do something to accomplish them every single day. If you decide to loose weight - let’s say to loose 30 pounds in 6 months - and in order to do that you have to eat a piece of carrot at 2pm every day instead of the snack you usually eat, DO it. If you get tired of carrot eat avocado, celery or apple. The point is that you have to do something about it daily. Organize the qualification “race” one month before your Olympic Game. Let’s say to qualify you have to loose 25 pounds by than. So you have 5 more to go to be your own Olympic champion.

It doesn’t matter that you have 3, 6 months or a year time frame. Think about your possibilities, choose a challenge what you can accomplish and DO it. ACTION CREATES SOLUTION. ACTION SOLVES “PROBLEMS”. ACTION BUILDS YOUR SELF-ESTEEM.

I would like to have your feedback to deliver the information you need in the future and to give you the proper support for building your self-esteem. Any comments, suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Thank you for listening.

Zoltan Roth