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Self-Esteem and Covid
December 17, 2020

Self Improvement during hard times

This year is very strange for all of us. We face many challenges in life, we can not visit our loved ones as we did it before, we can't move as freely as we would like to, we can not always do whatever we want to, because of the rules and regulations that are necessary in order to stop the spread of coronavirus.

We can not change that. But, we can certainly change our attitude toward the challenges we face at this moment.

We all have to accept the fact that we will sometimes have situations in our life that seem unbearable and we see no way out. There is always an exit strategy, an escape and a solution, however - we just have to find it.

I discovered that a lot of the differences between people could be chalked up to how the individuals perceived themselves. Self perception, self confidence and self-esteem are not the only factors, but in many cases a person's valuation of themselves and assurance in their goals and abilities played a large part in how motivated they were to effect change in the world around them.

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Change is useful

Change allows you to move into a new arena and make it part of you. You effectively become your own conduit to success and happiness, because you have taken away the power of external things to control whether you feel happy or not.

You figure out what it means to change the things you can and accept the things you cannot change. This is crucial.

If you cannot change something accept it and move on.

You learn to see the difference.

How can you do this? Every person is different, so there is no one hard and fast solution that will work for everyone.

However, there are certain tendencies, methods and techniques that can help to turn your life and dreams into reality.

This doesn't have to be gained through suffering, but through joy and the love of doing something you really love, enjoy and enthusiastic about.

"It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and occupation, which give happiness." ~ Thomas Jefferson


True happiness comes when you are caught up in the flow, when you lose yourself in the moment, when you look around and realize night has fallen but you were having so much fun you didn't even notice. When you enjoy what you are doing, you have succeeded in reaching the true goal of life.

A peasant can be happy with his lot. A millionaire can be miserable. A person with a terminal disease can experience joy every day, and a single mom can succeed in the small things even if her dreams of being an actress in Hollywood gave way to a secretarial job in a small town.

"Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response." ~ Mildred Barthel

Self-Esteem Building Action Guide

I have created a self-esteem and self confidence building action guide especially designed for you. I would say; I worked hard to make it easy for you. :)

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Have fun and enjoy life my friend. :)

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Life is awesome. Enjoy it my friend.

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Thank you for listening.

Zoltan Roth

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