Self motivation techniques

Here are a few self motivation tips to get you off the sofa to get it done! You are the one who has to make it happen.

1. A famous study of one Ivy League school’s graduates tracked the former students after leaving college. Three percent of the grads had written goals for their lives. And after a number of years, that three percent’s net worth exceeded the other ninety-seven percent’s. Goals work. Short term, mid-term, long term. Personal, financial, fitness, whatever. Set high goals and write them down!

2. Second - Forget the past! We are all product of our environments, made up of our past experiences. That does not mean we are “trapped” in our pasts. Many of us come from tragic circumstances. Some of us have made terrible, tragic mistakes.

Maybe you’ve failed at virtually everything you’ve ever tried. But if you continue to “stew in your own juices,” you’ll never accomplish what you’re capable of. You might not be able to forget your past, but you can learn from it and move beyond it. The future is ahead of you, not behind you!

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3. Procrastination is the difference between success and failure in every area of life. Sure, you could sort the laundry, check your email, read the scores, play solitaire, mop the kitchen or brush the dog’s teeth, but you’d just be putting off what you know needs to be done; you’re procrastinating. Get in the habit of telling yourself “do it now,” and then do it…now!

4. Make a chart to record every day you complete your entire motivational routine, and when you achieve an entire week of daily motivation, treat yourself with a special something you have been wanting. Add another item to your agenda, and continue to motivate yourself daily.

DO IT NOW! The secret is always in the now!

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