Stress Management Games

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Stress Management Games

Mental games

Give yourself a “time out” from worry and permission to focus on an enjoyable game or puzzle. If you have a knack for word spellings and definitions, spend 30 minutes on a word search or crossword puzzle.

Go for Sudoku if numbers are more your style; or put a jigsaw puzzle together. Say, “Stop it!” if you catch yourself thinking about anything but the puzzle.

Physical games

Physical games can be either group or solo sports activities. Shoot some hoops, challenge a brick wall to your tennis skills, or take your dog through an agility course. If you still feel some tension or anger after the physical exercise, take it out on video games.

Additional indoor games

  • Darts, basketball with crumpled paper and a wastebasket
  • Chess, checkers, group board or card games, charades

Outdoor games

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Touch Football
  • Flag Football
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball

The theory behind using games as a stress management technique is the same as using meditation, stress relief exercises , or guided imagery - the goal is to divert attention away from whatever is causing the stress and give the mind, emotions and physical body a break.

Focused meditation requires narrowing the world to one observable thing - a sound, object or thought/mantra that can fill the mind and leave no room for anxiety. Guided imagery deliberately focuses on a happy daydream, letting it take over and become 'real' enough to calm nerves and create feelings of safety and happiness.

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