Stress Management Ideas

I have to apologize, because my first e-book is not coming out this month yet. I will publish it soon, but I have to make some changes in order to provide you with more valuable information, exercises and ideas to make the most out of your life.

I will emphasize the importance of "YOU" in the process of creating your future and happiness in my new e-book.

I will emphasize the enormous potential of your mind and the capability to achieve extraordinary things by using your inner resources. When I use the word "extraordinary" I mean change. When you change something it's extraordinary, because you have to get out of your comfort zone in order to do that.

That's is crucial that you have to move to an unexplored terrain to initiate change and make it part of your new "YOU".

Every person is different and I don't think that there is a particular solution for everyone.

But, there are certain tendencies, methods and techniques that can help to turn your life and dreams into reality. It does not have to be suffering, but joy and the love of doing something you really love, enjoy and enthusiastic about. Being in the constant "flow" when you lose the track of time and you don't even realize how much time has gone by, because you enjoyed what you were doing. ( I am using the word "flow" after Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and his great book; Flow: The psychology of optimal experience )

And this thought gives me another one. People are talking about BALANCE and I mention it on my site too.

I do not interpret balance as usually people do. Balance can be a good thing for some of us, but being in the flow, getting lost in our own thoughts and enjoying those moments are more important than BALANCE.

Our major thinkers in history, the brilliant minds of our human history were chasing an idea, a notion for years or decades religiously. I don't think they all were balanced, they had that incredible drive, enormous mind power to not let it go until they would find the answer, the solution. And when they got it a new idea or phenomenon showed up to get their attention. And they went for it again. Life is a never ending learning process and that is the whole point of our being to find our little, hidden treasures inside our brain and express that thought, feeling or emotion so we and all of us can prosper.

For example; Churchill was overweight, smoked 60 cigars a day, was under enormous stress, did not do any exercise at all and was asked about the secret of longevity, he replied; No sport at all. He lived 'till 92 or 94 something like that.

He was a genius in my opinion, but what if he had a balanced diet, exercise and no stress in his life? We would not call him Churchill, right?

He had that enormous mental drive and capacity to be a genius on his on field even if he did things that were against the odds.

Of course I am not saying that don't do any exercise or start smoking right away. No. What I am saying is that set your priorities, set your goals, go for them, but ENJOY the process while you are doing it. That is the point. And, you will find all the necessary tools in my e-book to help you to set your goals, motivate yourself, control your emotions and a lot more during the "transformation process".

If you have a story to tell how you, your children, your family members, friends or whoever you have heard of changed her/his life by doing something different, something special, something extraordinary on her/his own or with the help of somebody else please share it with others through my website."

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Stress Management Ideas

Deep Breathing

What’s the first thing people say to an anxious person? Aside from “Calm down,” they usually say, “Take a deep breath.” There’s great wisdom behind this bit of advice, because deep breathing lowers your heart rate, relaxes your muscles and stops the mental chatterbox of worries. Inhale slowly through your nose until your stomach distends, and then release the air slowly from your mouth. If your chest expands as you’re breathing, it’s not quite deep enough!

Evaluate Relationships

Our relationships with others can be a significant source of stress, as can our means of handling them. So:

  • Avoid toxic people
  • Know that it’s perfectly OK to say “no” to the requests of others

  • Establish boundaries with friends, family and co-workers

  • Surround yourself with positive and supportive people

  • Study and practice effective communication

  • Seek counseling for extra help with negative dynamics within relationships

Relaxation Techniques

  • Prayer or meditation: Use deep breathing in addition to this for a calming moment that reduces stress and improves concentration.

  • Guided Imagery: Use guided imagery CDs or the help of a therapist to guide your own mind to a personal happy place, which you can then access in times of stress.

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Placing intentional tension and relaxation on individual muscles helps you increase your ability to control muscle tension.

  • Biofeedback: A biofeedback machine monitors physiological data, such as temperature and heart rate. By using a biofeedback machine with relaxation techniques, you can learn to control your body’s response to stress.

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