Teenage Self-Esteem

Teenage self-esteem problems are a natural side effect of the passage from youth to adulthood, but some teenagers are completely overwhelmed.

Developing self-esteem in teens is very important to their happiness and future success. Your teen is going through physical and emotional changes that he or she doesn’t understand. This makes the teenage years particularly turbulent. This sense of confusion often brings on self-doubt and lack of self-esteem.

Some typical struggles of adolescence are:

• Acne

• Weight problems

• Rejection by members of the opposite sex

• Feeling that they don’t fit in to a particular crowd

• Shame because they don’t excel in academics or sports

• Sibling rivalry

• Hormonal mood swings

So, what can you do about it?

The most important thing you can offer your teen is a willing ear. Encourage your teen to share his or her concerns and struggles with you.

Be generous with praise. In the day to day hustle and bustle of life, take the time to notice your teen doing something right. Get in the habit of praising your teen for doing a good job, whether it is helping around the house, excelling at academics or sports, or even just following your instructions, such as calling home when they’re going to be late.

Allow them to make their own mistakes. What you think is the right way to handle any given situation may not be the only solution.

Comparisons to others or with siblings can be equally damaging. Make sure you treat each child as an individual and recognize and praise the strengths each offers.

Set an example of good self-esteem. Never criticize yourself in front of your children.

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Signs of serious self-neglect or self-abuse should be discussed with your family doctor, a school counselor or a professional therapist. If your gut feeling is that something more is wrong than typical teenage angst, you are probably right. Don’t ignore your instincts.

Savor the gift of watching your teen blossom into a young adult and watch their confidence grow with each difficulty they rise above.

I would like to have your feedback to deliver the information you need in the future and to give you the proper support for building your self-esteem. Any comments, suggestions would be much appreciated.

Life is awesome. Enjoy it my friend.

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Thank you for listening.

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