Time management activities and strategies

According to life management specialist Stephen Covey, time management activities can put you on the track to a more successful, enjoyable daily life. Whether you are a teacher, a student, a businessman, a professor or a housewife, you can benefit from learning how to properly manage your time.

Make time for priorities.

Not work priorities - YOU priorities! Family time, ‘you’ time, down time. If you burn the candle at both ends too long, all you have is a stub left with non flame or passion. You have to recharge your batteries on a regular basis and shutting off the ‘multitasking option’ is the best way to do that.

Get rid of interruptions.

If your door is open and people keep popping in, shut the door. If your phone keeps ringing, turn off the ringer and set up the voicemail. If you can’t stay off of online social networks, block those applications. Isolate yourself form distraction.

Break your bad habits

If you need six coffee or smoking breaks a day, take the opportunity to improve your health as well as your time management by cutting back to three. Shorten your lunch hour to get back to your tasks sooner.

Don’t procrastinate.

Putting off something till tomorrow just means you‘ll have to do it tomorrow! Do it today and free up time tomorrow for tomorrow’s tasks. You’ll actually get something done faster by doing it than by thinking about how you’ll do it tomorrow!

Set goals , then meet them.

Once you get in the habit of goal setting , everything is easier. Don’t forget to reward yourself for each goal met - this adds motivation and encourages you to keep on achieving. It’s important to recognize when you do well!

Establishing routine.

Figure out which parts of your day you can do on autopilot, and fit them together so you can multitask and get mundane tasks out of the way. For example, empty your physical and online inboxes at the same time, or put dishes to soak while you sort laundry.

Additional activities


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