Girls with Low Self-Esteem

Girls with low self-esteem reveal the negative way they feel about themselves in how they act around other people. Although they may try to pretend they’re ok, their sense of uncertainty shows in their body language. They tend to walk slowly with slouched shoulders, avoiding other people’s eyes.

Signs of girls' low self-esteem

• Avoiding being around other people

• Sleeping most of the time

• Neglecting her personal appearance

• Putting herself down

• Dieting when she is already underweight

• Frequently asking for approval

The media has a lot to do with the number of girls that suffer low self-esteem.
Girls on TV and in the movies have perfectly fashionable wardrobes and flawless figures. They prance around in front of the camera oozing confidence, without a hair out of place. They are surrounded by doting boys.

Meanwhile an ordinary girl compares herself to this fantasy person and can’t possibly compete. Her self-esteem suffers, and she starts questioning whether she really measures up.

The media isn’t the only place girls look and see other girls that appear to be more perfect and more self-assured than they are. Girls compare themselves to other girls at their own school or other meeting places, and they may interpret other girls as prettier, smarter and more successful at all the things that matter. If a girl has a particular flaw such as acne or being overweight, this will make damage her self-esteem even worse. Hormonal changes may lead to a girl being even more emotional and sensitive than usual. Being rejected by her peers, such as not chosen to be on a team or in a club, can have very damaging effects.

Girls with low self-esteem often turn to something outside themselves to quiet the self-doubt and fill the emptiness. Often this means substance abuse, eating disorders or other self-destructive behavior. They are likely to submit to pressure and may give in to experimentation with drugs, alcohol and smoking just to fit in.

As parents, the earlier you get involved in helping your daughter improve her self-esteem the more likely things won’t spiral out of control. Keep in mind that there are definitely things you can’t fix, such as a particular boy rejecting her or not getting the lead in the school play. At the same time, encouragement, praise and kind words often can make a world of difference to an insecure girl. Knowing you are there for her no matter what can be more comforting than anything else.

Physical exercise can work wonders for balancing mood swings. Encourage your daughter to participate in some form of physical activity as often as possible. If she doesn’t want to participate in sports, she may jump at the chance to go walking or biking with you.

Remind your daughter several times a day how much she means to you, how proud you are of her and what specifically makes her unique. Be sure to set an example of good self-esteem. Above all else, let her know you’re there and that you love her unconditionally.

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