How to Build Self confidence

Knowing how to build self confidence may seem out of reach if you are suffering from low self confidence. Sometimes getting started on a journey is the hardest part.

Take Action

For one thing, if your confidence level has faltered due to a series of losses or disappointments, you may look around and feel like everyone’s life is working but yours. Avoiding comparisons is the very first thing you need to do when you’re learning how to build self confidence. Remember that no one else is perfect, and people who appear very self-assured may be putting on an act. Even though some people act like they have no problems, they do have problems that you don’t know about.

Self confident people perceive themselves as being about to achieve whatever they set out to do. They are able to manifest this reality through dogged faith in themselves. They don’t question that success is right around the corner just because it may not have arrived yet.

Getting back to the idea of making comparisons with other people, your confidence may be faltering because you are looking at what other people have and it seems like they have more than you do. They have bigger houses, fancier cars or nicer clothes. They travel to exotic places and eat at more expensive restaurants. The more you look at what others have and you don’t, the shakier your confidence in yourself gets. You begin to look at your life and think of yourself as a failure. Stop it! Don’t confuse what you have with who you are.

When you are trying to learn how to build self confidence, these comparisons need to stop immediately. If you must compare yourself in life to other people, instead look to those less fortunate than yourself. When you see people who are living in total poverty, homeless, suffering handicaps or people who are invalids, you will find a reason for gratitude. At the end of every day, make a list of what is right and good about your life. Take particular notice of the successes and accomplishments that you made happen. Give yourself credit for each and every accomplishment, no matter how small.

Find your talents and keep reminding yourself how good you are at them. The things you like to do are probably the things you are good at, whether it’s writing, cooking or nurturing children. Celebrate being who you are. It’s a person that no one anywhere else can be.

Challenge yourself to do something physical. Take an aerobics or martial arts class. When you challenge yourself to attain this type of goal, you will get an instant boost of self confidence.

To find out how to build self confidence, do something! Take action of some sort. Don’t spend time wallowing in self-pity. Each day do something to work toward your goal of greater self-respect and self confidence. Pretty soon you’ll be one of the people who has faith in your own ability to handle absolutely anything life puts in front of you. Building self confidence won’t happen instantly, but it will happen gradually if you work at it.

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