by Julie
(Fort Wayne, IN)

When I'm feeling a bit down, or need some positive encouragement, I make little booklets out of Post-It notes, and write a bunch of POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS in there. I'll write things like--"Today is a beautiful day", "Anything is Possible", "You are getting better & better everyday", "Smile", etc...

I'll look at the booklet throughout the day, off & on, and it really seems to lift my mood and makes me feel more "up"!


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Feb 03, 2010
Thank You Julie
by: Zoltan - Admin

Thank you Julie for your comment.

I am feeling better already just by looking at the picture. :) It's gorgeous.

It's a great self motivation and inspiration to make these little booklets for yourself. Simple idea, but it can make a big difference to turn your negative thoughts into a more uplifting one.

That is the point when you feel "down" or not motivated at all, than you have to change the direction of your thought and don't let negativity to sink in to your subconscious.

I will come back to this picture for some encouragement. Thanks again.

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