Mom of 3......Professional Counselor

by Ericka Potts
(Philadelphia PA)

I have three boys ages 5,13 and 16. I tell them they are my favorite boys that age. I tell them each privately.

I emphasize that they can do anything and to never be afraid to fail. Doing hard things teaches us lessons.

I emphasize that being a leader often results in criticism from others so be prepared. Everyone who steps into the arena of any type of leadership is criticized.

We have to learn how to accept them and decipher our strengths and weaknesses. We need to learn to not measure ourselves by our peers because we have many talents and positive attributes.

We celebrate their attributes and I ask my teens to write a goal for the year that they would like to work on. This helps them feel empowered.

We talk about failure and getting back into the ring so to speak after you feel you have gotten knocked down.

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