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You Are A Giant: Self Improvement Ebook

Please use the promotional tools you can find on this page to start earning money and helping people improve their stagnating life.

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How To Start Making Money Online Selling My Self Improvement Ebook?

1. Visit Clickbank and sign up as an affiliate

2. Create your nickname and password

3. Use the following link to start making money by selling "You Are A Giant: Self Improvement Ebook":

As an affiliate you have to replace the word "AFFILIATE" with your own clickbank nickname to promote the product and get your affiliate commission.

If you are already an affiliate, please skip step 1 and step 2, and use your link in step 3.

Affiliate Promotional Tools

Ebook Covers,Graphics And Banners

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To save images on your computer, please do the following:

1. Right click on the image you choose to promote the Ebook.

2. In the drop down menu click "save picture as".

3. Give a name to the picture you will remember. ( for example: self improvement ebook buy botton, banner or ebook cover etc. )

4. Save it to your computer where you will find it easily. ( for example: desktop, pictures, documents etc. )

If you will use it to promote the Ebook on your website, you have to upload it to the website builder you use and paste it to the place where you would like it to appear.

For further information or help, please CONTACT me any time.

Affiliate Ads

1. Self Improvement Ebook

Your ultimate self improvement guide to overcome the obstacles in your life. Use the exercises, tips and techniques listed in the book to fulfill yor potential.

2. You Are A Giant: Self Improvement Ebook

Self-esteem and self confidence building guide with a 7 day self-esteem building program to initiate the energy you need to start your new life with more fun.

3. Your Self Improvement Ebook

Would you like to build a stronger " YOU " who can handle challenges more effectively? You are in the right place, than. My 7 day self-esteem building program - which is included in the Ebook - will guide you through step by step how to achieve success and smile a lot more.

4. Self Improvement Ebook To Succeed

Step by step self-esteem and confidence building Ebook to fulfill your potential. Activities, worksheets, games and lesson plans are also included to show you how to achieve your goals.

5. Do NOT Waste Any Other Moment Of Your Life

Having issues with low self-esteem? Here is your self improvement Ebook to guide you to the right direction. Use the exercises and activities in your Ebook to prosper. Do not ever give up! There is always an exit strategy.

6. Self Improvement Ebook - Let´s Build High Self-Esteem

Build high self-esteem to live the life you have always dreamed of. Learn about yourself to create a better and stronger you who can face challenges.

You can promote my Ebook through blogs, forums, PPC ( pay-per-click ) advertisements, newsletters, article directories etc. Please make sure that you follow the guidelines.

Put your affiliate link in the article or post. ( If it´s acceptable by the website owner )

After signing up with Clickbank your affiliate link is:

Replace the word "AFFILIATE" with your own clickbank nickname as I stated above.

For further details about promoting my Ebook, please CONTACT ME.

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Sign up with Clickbank Today and start promoting "You Are A Giant: Self Improvement Ebook" to get your affiliate commission.

More affiliate help is coming soon.

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