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So, what´s inside your self-esteem and self confidence building action guide?

I would like to share couple ideas and thoughts with you that you can find inside my ebook to help you make decision easier whether it´s the right source of information for you or not.

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"Life is a constant journey towards something that many people never bother to define. There is a constant struggle for success, wealth, happiness - but what these words mean can differ widely from person to person.

Pursuing the ongoing creation of one's self, deciding what is important and choosing to make dreams come true are actions too seldom taken by the masses. Sadly, many choose instead to simply drift, letting events around them shape their path instead of taking control of and responsibility for their own lives.

All of us are human with the normal mix of frustrations, problems, happiness and joy. It's only natural that the Yin and Yang show up in our lives and balance each other out. You can't have a positive without a negative to compare it to. Darkness means nothing unless you've known light. Men and women are like two sides of the same coin!

You all have to accept the fact that you will sometimes have situations in your life that seem unbearable and you see no way out. There is always an exit strategy, an escape and a solution, however - you just have to find it.

I graduated as a teacher from my native Hungary in the early 90's, having studied everything from anatomy and political science to psychology, sociology and philosophy.

My fascination with people followed me through my move to the US (where I had to learn a new language in a country of strangers) and became a constant in my life. I became a licensed massage therapist and continued to study people, as I advocated for natural methods of relaxation and stress reduction.

I learned from both my clients and my own journey that success and happiness in life has no correlation to what kind of environment you are from or what kind of education you have had. Those who come from a rich, loving family aren't guaranteed happiness, and those from the wrong side of the tracks and grew up in miserable conditions aren't doomed to unhappiness.

Each one of us has to reach a certain point in our life when we take responsibility for our actions - no matter what our past looked like or current situation is - and say:

That's it! There is my past, this is who I am right now and here is the direction I am going. No matter what happened so far, I know who I am and I've decided what I am going to do."

"Many people think that life is a series of coincidences. From one viewpoint, this is certainly true. However, others may see these same 'coincidences' as opportunities. They don't passively accept events that happen in their lives - they take action and benefit from them.

To learn to see the opportunities in a lifelong series of coincidences requires dedicated, hard work. You have to become one with your passion or whatever you are doing, so you will be able to see that opportunity when it knocks on your door!

And, that's not coincidence!"

self improvement ebooks - You are a giant

This is only part of the introduction. I hope I could aweken your spirit and get your interest to read further.

You will find a 7 day step by step self-esteem and confidence building program inside your Ebook.

Don´t wait too long. Your new self creation and a wonderful journey starts right here and right NOW.

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Life is a wonderful journey. Enjoy it my friend.

Self improvement Ebook by Zoltan Roth

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