Fear - Failure - Weaknesses

People have the variety of symptoms of low self-esteem. They are all related to some degree. Use your human judgment to choose which one needs to be improved in your life and start working on it.

1, FEAR. It could be the fear of many things. Fear of rejection or failure. Fear of pain or guilt. Fear of public speaking or meeting with new people. Fear of losing someone or something. Deeply inside of us it is always the fear of insecurity or uncertainty.

2, ANGER is a very strong emotion which could be used for your advantage if you learn how to control it.

3, SELF-DESTRUCTION is one of the most devastating symptoms of low self-esteem. There are no other species that do things they know they should not. Have you seen a rabbit going to a bar and get drunk? I haven’t. Have you ever seen a tiger smoking a cigarette? I haven’t. Or have you seen a giraffe throwing a birthday party for the neighborhood and serving alcohol, drugs and cigarettes? … Well, I haven’t. Those examples a little bit exaggerated I know, but I hope you get the picture. Human beings do things constantly which they already know that it will destroy them. We tend to respect the “quick fix”, the easy pleasure for the moment instead of investing some energy for the long term advantage of not doing them.

4, TRY TO BE LIKE SOMEBODY ELSE. You are a special person with values and talents. Do not try to imitate somebody. People can feel that. Discover your own values, purpose and live your life.

5, FOCUS ON THEIR WEAKNESSES. Failure is part of our life. You have to accept it and move on as soon as possible. The more you think about your weaknesses the deeper it will sink into your subconscious and the harder to correct it. To improve low self-esteem you have to focus on your strengths.

6, CHANGING JOBS OFTEN. Sooner or later you have to figure out what you want.

7, TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY. Take it easy and enjoy life fully. Do not worry about every small detail. Try to see the big picture. “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.

8, DISCONNECT FROM REALITY. Sometimes they think there is nothing wrong with their life. They deny reality. They rather stay in their “comfort zone” than create some change even if it’s necessary.

Studies found that low self-esteem in many cases is associated with;

• Domestic violence, crime

• Self-destructive patterns such as alcohol and drug use

• Problems with children

• School dropouts

• Teenage pregnancy

• Sexual dysfunction

• Anxiety, neurosis

• Problems in the workplace

• Communication problems

• Suicide

• Eating disorders


Developing high self-esteem is not just an individual problem, but a social need. Parents, teachers and each individual have to be educated to give the next generation a better, more confident approach toward their life. Having healthy self-esteem can reduce the incidence of many such problems.

The above mentioned symptoms of low self-esteem can manifest in everybody’s life differently. The intensity of such patterns always depends on the individual’s mental and emotional state of mind. Some people are more sensitive than others and their tolerance toward the “attacks of reality” could be different too.

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