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Articles on self-esteem, self control, self respect and a lot more

Use the following self-esteem articles to get a better understanding of your physical, mental and spiritual behavior and to see different alternatives and/or alternative healing methods in order to help yourself on your life's journey.

You will find articles on self control, self respect, self awareness, jealousy, fear, mind power and other subjects that are related to your well-being.

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Articles by me, Zoltan Roth;

7 ways for developing self-esteem

1. Make a decision

2. Set a goal

3. Focus, focus, focus

4. Persistence

5. Smile

6. Affirmations

7. Your thinking

Tips and techniques to build high self-esteem

This article is talking about the importance of focus and persistence. In addition to it the article emphasizes that you can learn from your mistakes and trial and error are part of our life that can be embraced and not to be sad about.

Tips for personal goal setting

Set your goals in an order so each completed task set the stage for the next mile marker. Create a supportive environment to overcome the obstacles in your life and accomplish your chosen goals.

How to create self respect

Evaluate yourself by listing your positive qualities and skills. Reinforce your worth. Create a nurturing environment for your success.

Improving your self concept

Self concept encompasses beliefs, perceptions and expectations as the core of your self-identity. Although it differs from self-esteem, it does influence your feelings of self-worth and the way you perceive your relationship to the world. How to improve it? Click on the link above.

Developing self confidence

Tips, techniques and methods to develop your self confidence and live a more joyous life you have always dreamed of.

Creating positive self image

Make sure that the things you say to yourself, your self talk, and the things which you permit other people to say to you are accurate.

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