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How to build self confidence

Self confidence techniques can balance your fluctuating mood. Everybody has ups and downs in life.There are no exceptions for that. Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy represent the contradictory expressions in life probably the best; dark - light, feminine - masculine, passive - active, negative - positive, being sad - being happy, hell - heaven, Pepsi - Coke (just kidding).

These are just very few examples. You have to accept them and not to fight against them.

What is self confidence?

• Belief, faith and trust in your abilities

• Being certain about yourself. (Assertiveness if you like)

• Energy that creates the power to think and act

• The strength of your thoughts

• Security

• Good feeling

Self confidence is your belief, faith or assurance in order to reach your goals. It’s based on reality. Self confidence and self-esteem are related. The more confident you are the higher the level of your self-esteem. Self confidence techniques help you to better take care of yourself, to create a strong base for your self-esteem and to live in peace with your inner power to express yourself fully.

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Let’s see some self confidence techniques;

- SPORT ACTIVITY. Do not forget about the healing power of physical activity. After a good run, playing baseball with your kids, after releasing the steam from your body and mind you feel that you are on the top of the world. Use nature as often as possible. Feeling tired, exhausted? Open the window, take a deep breath or go for a walk.

- WATCH HOW YOU SIT AND STAND. Lift up your chin, pull back your shoulder, stomach in, chest out and tell me that you are ready to climb the Mount Everest.

- THE WAY YOU DRESS. Have you ever felt in your new t-shirt or in your coolest new pair of shoes that “Popeye was going out to pick up some chicks”?

- VISUALIZATION TECHNIQUES. One of the most important tools among self confidence techniques. You have to visualize success. Use your imagination to form your bright, positive future in your mind.

- SMILE has probably the strongest effect on people. When you take a walk or go for a meeting start with smiling at the first seconds. Just look at their face, their reaction to your warm, friendly smile. They will most likely respond back to you on the same way, with a big smile in return your friendliness. If they don’t, tell them to read my website for further advice.

- SEE AND PLAN THE FUTURE. Set up small, achievable goals for yourself.

- REWARD YOURSELF after the job is done. No matter how small your achievement is give yourself some time to enjoy it.

- READ books, LISTEN to tapes or CDs about personal development. There are lots of them available in Public Libraries all over the country. And they are free. Put a CD into your car when you drive to work. People spend at least an hour or more every day sitting in their car. Use that time to grow, to prosper

- MIND POWER. Use the potential of your mind power to change the direction of your thoughts.

Use one or two of these self confidence techniques for couple days and see the difference in your attitude. The easiest one is probably smiling. That creates a warm, friendly atmosphere around you. Pay attention on how you sit and stand. You do not have to be so concerned about it, just do it whenever you feel comfortable with it.

One of the most powerful among the self confidence techniques is to ask questions.If you are in a certain situation ask yourself questions like;

• What is the situation?

• What caused the situation?

• What can I personally do to create a win-win solution?

• What should I do to solve the situation?

• Should I say something or better be silent?

• Should I do something or not?

If you think about these questions or at least one of them you will pause for a second. You will give time to yourself to act properly. You have a little bit of time to digest the circumstances and come up with a better response. This is a very powerful tool to use. Think and act instead of act and think about the consequences. There are situations when you have no time to think it over, but usually pausing can create a more positive response.

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Problem with problem

Yes, I have a problem with the word problem. Anthony Robbins suggests using the word challenge instead. It has a more positive meaning, does not it? Brian Tracy- psychology of success - recommends using words like challenge, situation or opportunity. You will feel much better in any situation if you imagine that there is an opportunity or challenge to overcome, don’t you think?

Use the following exercise to get ride of your “problems”;

Get a piece of paper and write the word “problem” on it. Then, crumple it, tear it to pieces, burn it, barbecue it (do it outside, please), destroy it somehow. Throw away the paper with the word “problem“ on it.

Use the word challenge, opportunity or situation instead. The more you do the more positive your approach is going to be toward the situation, because you’ll feel better to see an opportunity than a problem in the situation. Be conscious about the words to describe the challenge you face and next time when you meet Tom Hanks tell him: - Houston, we have a challenge!

One of the best things you can do to build self-confidence is to develop healthy anger. Healthy anger fuels effective action, which is what self-confidence is all about.

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