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Yeeeees!!!!!!! I encourage you to build a website. And, I am not kidding this time.


website building programs

I can read your mind. You are thinking:"Well, I am a mother of 3, I have to take care of the family,do the dishes,smiling a lot - because I don't want my kids to feel how frustrated I am - making dinner to those mischievous guys and girls around me and I have no time to sit down to create anything let alone building my own website." My question is: Why not?

Or you have a full time and part time job at the same time and whenever you arrive back home you just crash to bed and that's it, the day is over. Why don't you crash on your chair for 30-60 minutes a day to tell people what you know, give them valuable information about your profession or hobby and monetize it?

best website building programs - SBI

Why don't you tell people how to take care of the family, do the dishes or bake cakes?

Why don't you put a picture on your website about a monkey who put his owner on a leash?

Why don't you create a website about gardening, selling cars, photography, your favorite jewelries or anything else comes to your mind and get your emotional and financial reward for doing it?

Why don't you help people who are in need with the information you possess? Why don't you share your love about traveling,painting, drawing, going to the movies or listening to classical music with those who have the same interest. Why don't you discover people around the globe with your valuable information and share your passion with them?

I can hear your overwhelmed, frustrated and spinning mind telling you: WHAT? You must be crazy to think that I am capable of doing this high-tech nonsense what I have no clue about. No, I am not crazy - well, a little bit of positive insanity doesn't hurt, right? :) - and yes I think you can do that, just like I did it. It's not about being a computer genius or hiring a professional for tons of money to do that for you.

No, I am talking about you, your passion, your love and your willingness to share the information you have with others.

Before I started to create my little "baby" - this website you are looking at :)- I had absolutely no knowledge about programing, HTML codes, meta tags, linking strategy and all that. But, you don't really need it.

This software called SBI! explains everything in details. It's a step-by-step instruction guide from the beginning to the end for you to get the most out of your talents, qualities and information you carry to build a successful website.

You can read more about me, my background, how I got involved in the process of building my own site and see the picture where I am struggling with a 4 months old baby tiger girl. I just wanted to feed her, but she was so strong already - compare to her age - that I was having difficulties to hold her down for a second to take that picture. But, I did it. I have already pat on my back, so you don't have to. Thanks for trying, though!


Great question. Let's see what I was thinking about before I made up my mind.

1. Flexibility. You can work on your website anywhere you want to and anytime you want to.

2. Freedom. You can build a website about basically anything.

3. Working from home. You can enjoy your time by working at home.

4. Giving. You can help people around the globe who are in need of your information. You can reach out for a large audience for those who are interested in your area of expertise.

5. Being your own boss. Yes, that's who you want to be. Going to work, working from 9 to 5, going back home, being exhausted because your boss doesn't respect you and going to bed early, so you can survive tomorrow. FORGET ABOUT IT. Choose your working hours, be your own boss and have fun at the same time.

6. Being closer to your family. Yes, you are home to take care of them. Spend more quality time with the ones who you love, YOUR FAMILY.

7. Connecting with people. You will meet people who share the same interest. Educate them and educate yourself as well.You will find so much new and valuable information by researching your area.

8.Living your dreams. You can turn your dreams into reality by building your own website.

9. Creating something you have never dreamed of.You will see your site growing and attracting more and more visitors every day. It's addictive.

10. Monetizing your knowledge and experience. Well, we all have to eat something, right?


You can chose from the templates, customize them the way you like it to give a certain look and feel to your website. You can use your own HTML editors (dreamweaver etc.) or image tools like photoshop or others to make a professional look to your site.

You can upload your favorite pictures and videos as well. No need to go to other sources to find the proper keywords, tips, techniques to create, run and monetize your website. It's all in here for you. You don't have to worry about looking for site submissions, link building strategies, forums or social bookmarking sites to promote your knowledge and information. It's all included. And the most valuable tool most valuable tool it has probably the SBI! FORUM where you can ask anything from professional SBI!-ers who has done and seen them all.

They will give you advice on how to optimize your pages, how to change certain colors or what's the best way to promote your site online or offline. It's all in here just a click away.

SBI! has a highly professional customer support.

They always respond properly and on time. They stay with you 'till your "problem" solved.SBI! is an enormous help for you to utilize your talents and to provide people with the information they have been looking for.

You can have your on blog on your site to tell others the most updated information about the particular subject you choose.You can tell your stories, hobbies and ideas constantly. Through your RSS-feed people will get notified about your new pages you add to your site. SBI is a website building and hosting software with all the tools you need to build a successful website to create something special, something useful and something amazing to surprise yourself and your family. SBI! is one of the best website building programs available on the market at this moment.

I know it might sound too much at this moment. Anything NEW you learn in your life sounds like an impossible challenge at the beginning. Am I right? But, that's the reason I like SBI!, because they guide you through the whole process step by step. Enormous amount of information available for you. Articles about finding your niche ( the main theme you build your website around ), tips and techniques to attract more visitors, monetization models, help to understand the statistics and a lot more. It's truly a treasure.

If you have dreams and the willingness to pursue them, please do not hesitate to join our beloved SBI! family and say YES to one of the best website building programs.

Thanks for listening.

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