Time Management Tips

Set goals and get organized

Do you need some time management tips to get the most out of your waking hours? Time management is a tool that can be implemented in nearly every aspect of daily life - from work, to housekeeping, to cooking, to studying, to volunteering.

There are only so many hours in every day, and if you don’t properly manage your time, you could miss out on having time for fun and relaxation, simply because you don’t have a spare minute to spend on yourself. These tips can help you create extra time in your day by being more organized.

  • Block out time for planning. Spending fifteen minutes before you start your work day to make a quick hourly schedule could save you several more fifteen minutes here and there throughout your day, making you a more productive worker.
  • Set three goals every day. This is your short to-do list. Anyone can achieve three things if they make those three things a priority, which brings us to the next tip:

  • Prioritize! Take five minutes to create a to-do list, then another five to rewrite it in order of importance. Then start at the top and work down.

  • Use a calendar. When you know you have something coming up, put it in writing on your calendar. This keeps you from forgetting and being rushed at the last minute.

  • Learn to be flexible. The best way to do this is to allow an extra ten to fifteen minutes for every hour a task is expected to take. Then if you run over a little, you aren’t harried - and if you get done early, you can slot an extra task into the empty space.

  • Do the hard stuff when you are at your best. If you aren’t a morning person, start the day with the easy stuff - scheduling more focused activities to begin after that third cup of coffee. If you are full of energy right out of the box but flag come mid-afternoon, do your high priority and stressful work early, so you can simply round up loose ends as the day draws to an end.

  • Get rid of unneeded ‘clutter’ in your day to day activities. Do you REALLY need to a membership on SVEN online forums? Trim your ‘must do/check on/chime in’ activities down to a realistic level.

  • Only gods are perfect. Learn when good enough is good enough - folding laundry can be done neatly without being obsessive!

  • Stop procrastinating. If a job is too big, break it down into steps, and do one step at a time, spread out through your day. Suddenly you’ll turn around and the job will be done!

  • Just say no. Overachievers tend to help everyone with everything. This leads to you being the ‘go-to’ guy or gal, and it’s easy to get loaded down with other people’s business.

Don’t forget to reward yourself on those days when you get everything done and have time left over. That’s what time management tips are designed to do - not only make you able to get more done, but to get it done in less time so you can enjoy your leisure hours.

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