The Media And Body Image

The Connection between Media and Body Image

There is a lot of talking about the influence of the media on the younger generation. However, you need to know: it is extremely hard to escape from these influences, no matter what is your age.

We are seeing hundreds of ads each and every day, featuring supermodels, actresses, and other celebrities. We feel under pressure if we don’t look the same.

Some people can get out of the media’s influence, some can’t. If you have had some knocks in your life before, the task will be much harder. Media and body image have a long established connection, and it takes time to break up with old beliefs.

You first have to realize that the photos in the magazines are all idealized. Women and their body parts are mostly used for promoting beauty products in advertisements.

It actually would be useful if ordinary people were given the chance to go through the same beauty treatments as celebrities. They would see how much work is needed to get the bottom firm, the legs shaped and so on.

But do all men like tall and thin women? Obviously, not.

And do all women like men with a six pack and an O shaped leg, just like footballers? I doubt it.

The first thing you need to do to get out of the influence of the media is to face the facts. You will have to stop worrying about your weight and most importantly: stop comparing your body to supermodels’. It is wrong.

There is always going to be someone who is taller than you, younger, have shinier hair or weighs less. And on the other hand, there might be some people living on the Earth who are more overweight, smaller, have dandruff or skin problems.

And guess what? They are happier than you.

What they know is: the real value of a person lies inside. And they also know that accepting themselves will improve their appearance and mojo.

You need to be able to look into the mirror in the morning and in the evening, and smile genuinely. You should be confident that you are one and only, there is nobody exactly like you. And there are millions of people less fortunate than you. Once you have completed your task, you can practice breaking free from the influence of the media.

Soon you will discover that your mind will not be filled with envy, when you are looking at famous actresses or models. You can admire them still, but the main thing is: you don’t feel bad because you are not like them.

This is the start of the healing process, and once you have achieved this initial goal , there will be a couple of more goals to complete. You might need to start some exercises to build up your confidence. If you are looking to lose weight, any type of creative dancing will help you set yourself free. After you start appreciating your own uniqueness, the strong connection between media and body image will become a thing from the past.

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