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Hi, there. My name is Zoltan Roth. I am the creator and owner of this website.

Below you can read my interview with me, to better understand where I come from and what the purpose is to give birth to my baby: www.selfesteem2go.com.

To make it more readable I will use the letter (I) to symbolize the interviewer, which is me and the character (Z) will stand for Zoltan who would be me as well.

Confusing isn’t it?

(I): I can hear your serious accent. Where is it from?

(Z): I am from Hungary a tiny, but friendly country in the middle of Europe. Have you been there?

(I): Many times he-he-he. Now, you are living in the United States. So, what brought you here?

(Z): I think that was the mutual effort of challenge and the airplane.

Build your self-esteem by building your own website

(I): Tell me something about your background.

self confidence and me

(Z): I have graduated as a teacher back in Hungary in the early 90’s.

Among other curriculums we learned psychology, sociology, anatomy, philosophy and political science too.

I have always been interested in people. Anything related to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of mind got my attention.

Especially kids, my all time favorites. I was fortunate enough to spend an unforgettable 4-5 months among those 4-5 year old little creatures and made my diploma work about their balance ability development.

I have been living in the United States since 1997. Recently in southern California. I did not speak English when I arrived. So I had to learn it, accommodate to the different environment, people and culture.

I had to trust myself. I had to have self confidence and a healthy level of self-esteem to survive. It was not easy.

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(I): What do you do now?

(Z): I am working as a licensed massage therapist to help others to relieve stress, to encourage them to take care of their body and soul as a whole, to support their quest to find alternative healing, relaxing methods to deal with the challenges of their everyday life.

(I): How does self-esteem come to the picture?

(Z): Self -esteem is a very complex concept. It affects your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional unity on a daily basis.

Through my massage therapist practice I can feel the sense of urgency to educate people about how their thinking, their thoughts, their imagination, their relation to challenges manifest in their body.

The tenderness, the pain, the limited range of motion in certain part of the body is mostly stress-related. There are, of course medical issues, some serious problems that need professional advice.

But in general, your approach toward the experience decides to send the message of relaxation to the brain or to contract the muscles to protect yourself from the situation. The higher the level of your self-esteem, the better you feel about yourself the more relaxed response you can give in any situation.

(I): Why selfesteem2go?

(Z): For 2 reasons:

1, I think building self-esteem is a very important part of our personality and self-esteem is the way to go.

2, When you order food in a restaurant and you want to take it home you ask for “to go”.

I would like anybody to take as much information as possible from my website to their own home and start making changes in their life if it is necessary. I want to give people my little “to go box” to support their quest to prosper, to fulfill their potential.

(I) : When did you decide to build a website and to reach out for people who are in need?

(Z) : In the middle of 2007 I started to look for an opportunity to create something useful, something challenging, some type of "job" where I can use my experience, knowledge and my passion to communicate and help people.

I wanted to give new direction to those who are lost, having issues with their low self-esteem and confidence or going through difficulties in their life.

I needed flexible hours so I could use my spare time even in the middle of the night.

The internet looked like a perfect opportunity. I could work on my website anytime I want to, I can reach a big audience, I can help 1000's of people or even more and I can still follow my favorite spare time activity: Traveling.

And, that's how I bumped into SBI! First I watched their 30 minutes video about the basic ideas of building a website.

It was love at first sight and our "relationship" is still working very well. But, I have to tell you quite honestly that I did not make a decision for another 2-3 weeks.

(I) : Why did you have to think about it for that long?

(Z) : I was looking for as many details as possible to see that I was making the right decision. I liked their approach that " it's not a get rich quick scheme".

I don't believe in becoming a millionaire overnight unless Warren Buffet or George Soros would tell you what to do first thing tomorrow morning on the Stock Market. But, you still need lots of money to do that,right? SBI costs you less than $1/day. It's a bargain. So, I went deeper and deeper into the website to find trust, faith and confidence.

(I) : Trust?

Yes, trust. I wanted to feel that this guy knows what he was talking about and I can rely on him and the website he created. I think trust is extremely important in order to establish a personal or business relationship with anybody.I only had one tiny problem.

(I) : What was that?

(Z) : I had no idea about the internet let alone building a website on my own. Are you kidding me? I thought it was more complicated than rocket science.

I didn't even know what the navigation bar was and I was very happy that somebody asked this question on the SBI! forum, so I didn't have to.

There are thousands of people on the SBI! forum to answer all of your questions if you have one. Believe me, you will have one. It's a truly fascinating community to guide you through the process of building your own website.

(I) : What is the best part of building your own website?

(Z) : Freedom. You can create anything you want. If you are a window washer, gardener, teacher, dentist or babysitter you can build your site around that particular subject. You can reach out for those who are interested in your area of expertise. You can sell your own product or knowledge. It's up to you.

(I) : What other reasons did you have that made you decide to jump right into it?


As I mentioned earlier I had the freedom and flexibility to choose my working hours.Even if I have an hour sometime in the middle of the day I can still utilize that time to improve my website.


I loved to see those people and their smiley faces telling me that I could do it.

They are still active SBI-ers and helping others through the forum with their "million dollar" advice.

(I): Let's go back to your chosen field self-esteem and self confidence building, personal development. What do you see as one of the biggest challenges in human behavior in the next couple years to come?

(Z): Handling the incredible high number of choices you have. Hard to focus on one particular task if there are hundreds of others trying to get your attention at the same time. The more focused you are the better performance you have and the better the quality of your job and life will be.

(I): Any comment at the end?

(Z): Let’s call Mahatma Gandhi on his cell phone:

- Mr. Gandhi, what do you think about western civilization?

- Western civilization? ...Yes, that would be a good idea.

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