Women's self-esteem

Developing women's self-esteem became a crucial part of their personal development since women’s place in society has mostly been inferior compare to men’s. Feeling good about yourself as a woman means that you have to set realistic standards to overcome the obstacles in our fast changing society.

women self esteem

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Developing women's self-esteem and confidence

Developing women's self-esteem starts with realistic thinking.
You have to set your own standards to feel good about yourself, to be a happy, smiley Lady.

Improving women’s self-esteem always begins inside. You have to be clear about yourself who you really are and what direction you would like to go to improve.

Women's self-esteem can be damaged by the media easily. Women’s magazines, TV series are describing a type of woman whose most important value is her appearance. They start some serious diet, have some plastic surgery, start taking pills and sooner or later they realize that did not help.

Why is that?

Because these changes can give you a temporary sense of good feeling, but your challenge to develop yourself from the inside has remained untouched. Your opinion of yourself based on the outside influence, but that’s not who you really are.

What do you do than?

You start another diet, another surgery, some new pills and you will end up in the same place where you were before. Not being satisfied with yourself. Not being happy in your own skin.

“If you keep on doing the same thing you keep on getting the same results.”


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So, why don’t you change the process and start working backwards from the inside out?

First you have to be clear about who you really are and what you want to do. You have to analyze and revalue your thinking. Do not rely on other’s opinion, make decision to yourself. When you communicate with people listen first, but don’t take anything for granted. Use your common sense and be decisive.

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Women with low self-esteem has no control over their life
, they only rely on outside influence either it is coming from society, family or friends. You are the best person to go for advice regarding your own well-being. Utilize your knowledge, experience and turn it into your advantage.

Building woman's self-esteem is hard work. But you can make the necessary steps with enthusiasm and fun if you decide to do that.

Ask questions about yourself and write them down including the answers as well. You will be surprised how much “buried” knowledge lies within and you will get a clue what to do or which direction to go forward. You will come up with ideas you have never thought before. This is a very powerful and very simple technique.

Here are some basic questions for developing women's self-esteem

• What did I enjoy doing when I was a child? Was it playing, drawing, talking to people, riding the bike, gardening, help my Mom to make some dinner, travelling or something else? What was it?

• What was I passionate about?

• Do I still have that passion?

• What did I want to become when I was a child? Teacher, lawyer, dentist, window washer? What was it?

• What skills did I have or do I have?

• Do I use them?

Remember those moments when you felt happy

• Why were you so happy?

• Was it because something happened?

• Was it because of a particular person?

• Was it because what you had done before?

• Was it because of an inside feeling?

• Was it because of an outside event?

• Was it because somebody did something or gave something to you?

• Was it because you did something or gave something to a special someone?

• Why was it?

Now think about a moment when you did not feel happy and ask the same questions again: Why did not you feel happy?

Now, after answering to these questions try to reproduce the feeling when you felt great about yourself. Imagine the situation again or something similar in your recent environment which will remind you to that. Whenever you feel sad or not happy think about those moments and put these positive thoughts into your mind to interrupt the flow of the negative ones and substitute them with an uplifting feeling.

These questions and your answers to them will refresh your memory and you might use some of your ideas to make them part of your life again. For example; if you use to like spending time outside - hiking, biking - do that more often even if you feel that “you don’t have time for doing it.” Make time for it.

If you had a passion for painting, drawing or writing consider establishing a business around it or just do it for fun. As long as you enjoy doing it, it is the right direction to go.

And don’t be afraid of making mistakes. They are always part of the learning process of developing women's self-esteem.

“If you can’t make a mistake, you can’t make anything”

(Marva N. Collins)

As the old saying goes; “Ships are safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

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