Positive Thinking : Winner mentality

The power of positive thinking can not be underestimated!

Replace a negative thought.

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"We rise by lifting others."

You can completely turn your life around with positive thinking if you come to understand how and why it works.

Many people suffer from constant negative thoughts without even realizing it! We are often unaware of how our subconscious is affecting our everyday life by providing feedback, but the truth is that our inner self is continually talking to us.

We have to become conscious of what we are thinking and feeling about ourselves on a deeper level if we want to live free, whole lives. If we are constantly experiencing feedback that tells us how useless, ugly or stupid we are, we play into the trap we have laid to ourselves. If we think of ourselves as losers, we become losers almost by default!

You have to develop a winner mentality, and to do this you have to root out the negativity that is holding you back and replace it with a positive influence. This is where positive thinking comes in.

The first step is to listen to yourself and hear when you put yourself down, whether you actually do it aloud or silently in your head. If you hear a comment such as ‘I can’t believe how stupid I am’, stop whatever you are doing immediately and concentrate on figuring out why you are talking to yourself like that.

Often there will be something apparent immediately that you can use to contradict the negative thought. Suppose you are driving down the road, flushed and embarrassed after a gaffe at work. Remind yourself that you are smart enough to drive a car and hold down a job, so you definitely aren’t stupid. Say “OK, I made a mistake, but that is being a human.” Forgive yourself and move forward.

The same goes if you look in the mirror and immediately experience disgust. You hear the voice in your head telling you that your eyes are too far apart, and your chin is too small; you look ugly and no-one could possibly be attracted to you. Time out! Where are your happy thoughts?

What about your gorgeous hair and your full lips? You look like YOU, not a pinup. If you focus on the things that you like about your appearance you won’t have time to dwell on the things you dislike. Make a point to pick up a small article that suits your best features, such as a lipstick or scarf that highlights your natural coloring. Concentrate on accentuating the positive, and see your self confidence bloom!

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To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles. - T. F. Hodge

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Never let your work drive you. Master it and keep it in complete control. - Booker t. Washington

You can use tools like daily affirmations and mantras to hijack negative thoughts throughout each day and replace them with empowering words that lift you up and make your day brighter. Use positive thinking daily, and you will grow a healthy self-esteem and your perception of yourself will improve!

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