100 Self-Esteem Building Ideas

Use the following self-esteem building strategies, ideas or methods to enjoy life to the fullest and to learn and grow by thinking about them. It's supposed to be fun. The best case scenario is when you do what you love to do.

self esteem building tips and techniques for everyone

Are you ready?
Here's the list of 100 self-esteem building ideas

1. Smile. He-he-he. It's not that hard is it?

2. Sing. Be aware of the neighbors.

3. Dance. No, not me, but you can do that.

4. Compliment someone.

5. Take time to do things you enjoy.

6. Learn something new.

7. Have a sense of humor. There is a joke in every little corner. Go pick it up!

8. Plant a flower. Nurture it and grow with it.

9. Do silly things. Do it one more time!

10. Be creative. Write, draw or paint something.

11. Respect every living creature.

12. Think of somebody who you love. No, it's not me this time. Please think of somebody else.

13. Think about how lucky number this is.

14. Read books. Send me a short e-mail about your favorite one and the reason why it is the one.

15. Listen to classical music.

16. Talk to a butterfly or any other beautiful creature outside.

17. Exercise. Lifting up a beer can does not count.

18. Give compliments to those around you.

19. What makes you unique?..........

20. What is your strongest quality?

Do you have great self-esteem building ideas? Please share it with everyone!

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When I was using alcohol and drugs I totally forgot about how beautiful it is where I live at. The river runs through town and I just lost interest …

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To bring up my self esteem, each day I wake up, or at least during the day I go to the mirror. I look at myself even if my little voice in my head is saying …

Call it out loud  
My self-esteem was dwindling fast thanks to my relationship with a very intelligent passive-aggressive. I started helping myself retrieve my self-esteem …

What others say about me is their personal view but who i am is within me 
I help build my self-esteem by thinking positive and creating imaginary ideas that translate into reality. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. The …

Let go of others' approval 
Realizing that I will never really know what somebody else is thinking, and accepting that I can analyze until the cows come home, all that matters is …

Time Is Irrelevant 
"Don't worry about the time it will take to achieve a goal, the time is going to pass anyways." I am a poet. I have been writing for a little more than …

You are unique 
When I was in 6 grade I was extremely overweight and my soft cheeks made me even fatter than I was. I was extremely shy and sensitive. I never had any …

What helped and inspired me! 
I had been dealing with low self esteem due to.. it seemed as if everybody I'd put my trust into hurt me so bad. I've been abused and taken advantage …

Stop looking and start listening to that voice within 
Self-esteem to some people may seem like their worst enemy. Having high self-esteem ain't always easy,trust me. I'm still working on it. I know people …

Formula of self-esteem 
The formula of Self Esteem - Being positive / being negative + the happiness x the day that your still breathing....!

One Day At A Time 
As a young girl and through my adolescence into young adulthood I struggled with self-esteem. I wasn't just lacking it but it was non-existent. Months …

The story of David and his high self esteem 
David was the last of Jesse's sons because he was born outside wedlock. He served as a servant in his father's house. He was the errand boy and he tended …

How I built my self esteem 
I built my self esteem by thinking positive about myself and the things I do. I look at how others see me and how I see myself. If there was something …

Little little affirmation.. 
I change my passwords every once in a while. I change it to a short affirmation. Since I'm always on the computer, I'm always having to enter in my passwords. …

When I'm feeling a bit down, or need some positive encouragement, I make little booklets out of Post-It notes, and write a bunch of POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS …

Latin dancing  
Latin American dancing is a brilliant way to build your self-esteem & have a mental rest from all of your worries....it has been a life-saver for me. …

Catch and Release, a true story 
I remember the exact date, December 5th, saddest thing that ever happened to me, but if I told you that would be jumping ahead, so let's start from the …

Be someone else 
Identify someone you admire and be them for the day!

Compliments Build Self-Esteem 
To receive a compliment is nice, but it is not always easy for some to accept. To give a compliment is somewhat easier than receiving. In the field …

NIRMAN PSYCHIATRIC NURSING REHABILITATION & DE-ADDICTION CENTRE Saving Lives, Rebuilding Relationships At Nirman we follow the Biopsychosocial model …

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I was plagued in my mind for years with thoughts of negativity, discouragement and especially self doubt. It was really preventing me to step up to the …

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Self-Esteem is essential thing for making life happy & beautiful. Everyone wants to be happy. So Let's Do It! Do something you want to do all the time. …

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inspirational story that shows racisim is not fair to everybody

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I've delivered confidence building and holistic classes at the Well Women Centre in Lancashire for many years. The most recent class I gave was on …

DO WHAT EVER YOU ARE SCARED OF TO DO OR SAY, Such things are the most important things that actually make a difference in your life. Not rated yet
This idea has really helped me so much at work to improve my interpersonal skills and lead on others.I have also learnt the essence of speaking louder …

Wonderful Creation Not rated yet
Every morning before i start my day, i look in the mirror and i tell myself "I am a wonderful creation of God and there is no one like me. No one has my …

LEARN TO SAY NO Not rated yet

My Esteem Journey Not rated yet
I am a 47 years old. I learn to believe in myself from now on. I build up my confidence every day. I have done the best I can to keep patience. I focus …

Begin to stop hating yourself Not rated yet
My dear friend had gone thru some very emotionally traumatic events in his life, and had no self esteem at all. Because I had been by his side during …

Reading cards Not rated yet
Take a deck of cards - write down positive thoughts on paper and tape them on each one... put them in your purse ... take them out and think of the positive …

Who is the person that makes you happy? Not rated yet
The person that makes me happy is my girlfriend.

Love Not rated yet
I always say that I love with my eyes wide shut, I know its different but it means that I love with my eyes closed and in fear of nothing or anyone just …

Make eye contact when you are communicating with people. Not rated yet
Make eye contact when you are communicating with people.

Coaching Matters Not rated yet
Check out my website www.luvreading.com. Your ideas are my ideas as well. Here's to positive influences in the lives of--well, everyone.

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21. What do you like about yourself?

22. Play chess outside in the rain.

23. Texas hold'em?

24. Think positive.

25. What is the #1 thing that you are the most enthusiastic about?

26. Clean your bathroom. Tons of fun.

27. Remodel your room.

28. Take a vacation. No, not to the nearest pub. Something more exotic.

29. List five strengths you have.

30. Play board games. Checkers, scrabble, backgammon, origami, monopoly, brainteasers, family games.

31. Say "HI" to the SUN.

32. Be spontaneous.

33. Visualize success. You can just look at my picture on my "ABOUT ME" page.

35. Replace negative self-talk with a positive one.

36. Set goals.

37. Keep track of your progress.

38. Look for positive and supportive people.

39. Think of at least 20 things you know how to do.

40. The 5 greatest achievement in your life.

41. Take a risk.

42. Watch the movie "HURRICANE" with Denzel Washington. You don't necessarily have to invite him. He'll be there anyway.

43. Meditate.

44. Surf online, but not for too long. After you have found my site do not go anywhere else.

45. Make mistakes. They are good for you.

46. Keep a journal.

47. Learn a foreign language. Hungarian for example. I can help. After 50-75 years you will be familiar with the basics.

48. Visit a local bookstore. Breath in the knowledge, wisdom and leave.

49. Write a poem.

50. Be a genius. Read about them first.

51. Buy a piece of cheesecake and don't eat it. Practice self control.

52. Talk to someone under age 6. Tons of fun.

53. Talk to someone over age 70. Tons of wisdom.

54. Build a website instead of watching TV.

Still here?
More self-esteem building exercises?
You got it.

55. Brainstorm ideas about anything you want to achieve in your life.

56. Understand that your failure is an opportunity to learn.

57. You can handle everything.

58. Share the love.

59. You have the right to say YES. You have the right to say NO.

60. Use self affirmations.

61. Light a candle and be silent.

62. Watch your posture.

63. Think about this: "Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm." ( Winston Churchill )

64. Have or give massage. The healing power of a personal touch.

65. Do yoga.

66. Just do it!

67. Cook something.

68. Take a hike.

69. Create a collage.

70. Play hide and seek.

71. Kevin Welch said once: "There'll be two dates on your tombstone/ And all your friends will read 'em/ But all that's gonna matter is that little dash between 'em..." Please use that little dash for building self-esteem.

72. Pick one thing you like about your appearance.

73. Read about Mahatma Gandhi.

74. Say something nice to someone with no reason.

75. Buy a flower.

76. Walk backwards.

77. Become a better listener.

78. Take a deep breath.

79. Notice what you do right on a daily basis.

80. Sign up for my free newsletter!

81. List 10 things you can do to make someone else laugh.

82. Think of 10 things you can do for yourself that don’t consist of buying something.

83. Do the same with your loved ones.

84. Spend an hour with yourself every day.

85. Get organized and please note that I am still working on it.

86. Put something here on your own. Perhaps about self-esteem building. What do you think?

87. Make decisions.

88. Write down what's in your mind at this very moment. Don't think about it, just write it down.

89. Which is almost 90. Think about how much fun you had during the last 90 days and repeat it.

90. Look at your child. Any of them.

91. Play with water.

92. Reward your success.

93. Give.

94. Focus.

95. Be persistent.

96. Be aware that trial and error are part of life.

97. What is your #1 major goal in your life?

98. Pick a hobby.

99. Stretch your capabilities.

100. Ok. That's enough. No, just one more. Get up 20 minutes earlier tomorrow morning and read this list again.

What I wanted to show you here is that you don't need money or high intellect to have fun or to understand any self-esteem building exercise.

The tiny, little things in your every day life will create the joy and happiness you have been looking for.

Self-esteem building is about appreciating life, respecting each other and being and feeling confident in your every day activities.

Fun activities for the elderly

Going to self control from self-esteem building

More info on self-esteem

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