Here is a short list of free team building activities:

Team building activities for youths are designed to teach trust, openness, self-esteem and cooperation.

Darlin’, Darlin’, Darlin’!

Randomly pick one person to sit in a chair. Line the others up in no particular order. One by one they all go down on one knee, place their hands over their heart and solemnly say:

“Darlin, darlin, darlin’… if you love me, won’t you pretty please smile?”

Have them repeat it three times in an effort to make the seated participant smile. That person must then reply:

“Oh, baby, I really do love you, but I’m sorry ‘cause I just can’t smile.“ If they do smile, they have to go to the back of the line and the new person takes their seat.

This game is a great icebreaker, and gets everyone on a level playing field ready to engage in more complex exercises.

Backing Each Other Up

Teens should pair off who are of equal height and weight. Partners sit on the ground with their backs pressed together. The goal is to stand up in unison without losing contact while communicating. Hands have to be kept off the floor. Once all groups have accomplished the task, group into fours and eights with participants sitting in rows facing away from each-other, staggered so their back touches two people. Continue making longer groups until the entire team succeeds together. This teaches teamwork and trust, like many other team building activities for kids.

I Like Everybody, and I REALLY Like…

Seat all members in chairs in circle formation. The leader will stand in the middle of the circle and call out I like everyone in this room, but I especially like the people wearing jeans (or blue shirts, or braces, or red hair ). If this pertains to anybody in the group, they must leave their chair and find another one. The leader also finds an empty chair, making another participant the new leader. This can open up doors to let teens say nice things, even if they are relatively unimportant - and lets everyone feel good about themselves.

Hooking Up

This game is best played in a gym or in an outdoor area with a defined boundary. Pair the teens up, have them hook elbows and spread the pairs out evenly across the playing field. Each person should have their free hand by their hip, elbow out, creating a hook. Divide on pair of players and make one person ‘it’. The other has to reach a couple and ‘hook’ elbows with one of them - whereupon the third becomes the new runner. If the runner is tagged or runs outside the boundary line, the two reverse positions with the person tagged becoming ‘it’. This game is so entertaining to watch that many players are caught flat-footed and are suddenly targeted. To add an extra twist for larger groups, you can have two or three ‘its’ and runners at the same time.

Pairs must work as a team to avoid being ‘hooked’, and the nature of the game allows for frequent switching of partners and roles. This is a great activity to kick start team building for teens.

These free team building activities will create an atmosphere where kids or adults would feel comfortable and they would enjoy being, playing and working together.

Free team building activities are great to help you to explore yourself and others.

Another great activity is to build a website together. Choose the niche everybody is interested in and build it. You can use your creativity, imagination and a team spirit to succeed together as a group. The following link will help to get a better understanding.

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