The healing power of mind
Your best friend in life.

Mind power is the most effective tool and the strongest control system you have. Using your brain’s infinite potential to grow, to develop your skills and to interact with people is essential for your everyday life and your success.

Mind power comes from a well-trained mind. You have to exercise your brain on a daily basis to provide you with the appropriate response in any given situation. The same thing basically what you are doing with your body - I hope so - when you are going outside to take a walk, going to the gym, practicing martial arts playing tennis with your friends, chasing the cat on your backyard. Mental challenges give the inspiration to the mind to start working.

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The healing power of mind
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Learn from Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

Have you seen the movie “HURRICANE”? Just think about Rubin “Hurricane” Carter the black boxer who spent 22 years in prison for a crime he had never committed. What kind of mental vocation, mind power he needed to survive. And he went further. He refused to use drugs or drink alcohol or any other way to destroy his health. As he said: “I will turn my body into a weapon”. What he really meant is that he would use his physical, mental and spiritual potential to fight for his right to be free. And remember it was during those days when being black was not the guarantee for success.

He started to search for alternative self developing methods to discover himself, the reasons why he had to be there and to improve his ability to battle for his life. Over the years he became friend with a 13-14 years old Canadian boy (I don’t remember his exact age) and their mutual effort - of course some other people were involved too - set him free. Bob Dylan’s song “the hurricane” made it immortal.

That is the power I am talking about. Under any circumstances it is your call to accept the fact that you are capable of achieving your goal or just wondering on your couch; “Would that be nice to do this or that?” It’s always up to you.

The former Hungarian president Arpad Goncz had to spend a year in prison. That was during the communist control in Hungary. So, what did he do? He learned English. He had one full year to develop himself. Again, it is your call to accept your misery or to get out of it. There are endless examples of the heroic human nature to handle challenges. Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi just a very few among them.

Mind power is an always available excellent partner to help you set up goals and guide you through the process to accomplish them.

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Mind power = You

mind power is your ultimate partner for lifeMind power is your ultimate partner in life

You have to accept the fact that in every major moment in your life you are alone. If you are sick you can have a partner to give you some hot tea, you can have your parents to tuck you in and your friends to ease up the pain, but you are the only one who actually feels the pain. You are the one who has fever, not your spouse. If you have to take an exam in the school your parents, friends can support you to get ready, but in the final moment you are going to be there alone. You will be sitting in the classroom and start filling out the test. That is going to be your success or failure. You have to deal with it.

You have to take the responsibility for your decisions you make. And at this moment you have already made a huge step toward changing your life. You are sitting in front of your computer and reading this page. You made a conscious decision to read this instead of watching TV or going out with your friends.

I can not emphasize enough the importance of “YOU” in the process. Mind power is your ability to give direction to your thoughts. As I quoted earlier on my site that nature is neutral. The positive or negative indication of a certain event or act is your approach, your feelings toward it. Success or failure is the by-product of your mental and emotional readiness for that particular experience.

The point is not success or failure by itself; it is the path how you got there. When somebody becomes an Olympic champion how long will people remember them, a month, 6 months or a year?

Please don’t get me wrong, I respect athletes since I used to be one. What I am talking about is their constant effort, the amount of energy they invested to be the best. The most important part of their glory is their conscious focus, how they handle challenges, the way or the road how they got up to the top. That’s what they can use to the rest of their life to prosper, to face situations with confidence, because they were the best once on their chosen field. If they can turn that mind power into supporting their everyday life, they succeed.

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How to start?

Learn about hypnosis (video)

Learn about hypnosis (video)

• You have to make decision to be successful. If you don’t take this step you are wasting your time. Write it down in present tense; “ I am successful”

• Figure out what you would love to do. The #1 reason to be the most excited about.

• Create a reasonable plan, which is slightly challenging, but achievable.

• Get married to focus and persistence.

• Just do it. (supported by Nike)

These are the basics and we will talk about them in details throughout my website. This is just the beginning of this wonderful journey we call LIFE or SUCCESS.

Developing self-esteem

Use your human judgment to set the direction of your life. Do what makes sense. I will provide you with as much information as you need to build self-esteem.

Tips, Tools & Resources for Increased Memory Power

Discover powerful self improvement programs guaranteed to help you achieve your success. Improve your Memory Power, retain and recall information simply, easily and effectively. Remember studies materials for test and exams. Visit the Bright Images Self Help Center for helpful tips, tools and resources to assist you in reaching your personal self improvement goals. Feel comfortable and confident making decisions in your life or business by knowing you have explored all the viable possibilities or solutions. Self esteem is both a contributor and a result of feeling good about your decisions. Make brainstorming a regular part of your decision processes and your results will be better and made with more confidence. Brainstorming-that-works.com has hundreds of tools and techniques to show you how to brainstorm effectively.

Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT )

Building self-esteem

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