Your own personal goal setting

Personal goal setting and examples of personal goals

Personal goal setting not only allows you to achieve and complete various objectives in your life, it also builds your self-esteem and self confidence

By setting goals in all areas of your life, you will discover capabilities you didn’t know you had, and reclaim a sense of self worth and value.

Personal goals are ones that don’t require the participation of anyone else - just you. Your success depends completely on your own actions and attitude, and you get to decide what the goal will be.

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Examples of personal goals would include:

Stopping a bad habit (biting your nails) or starting a good one (daily meditation).

These types of goals that involve long lasting effects generally takes thirty days to achieve and can be ongoing. If you set your goals within a realistic time frame, you will have more chance of success.

Learning a new skill.

You might want to learn to sew, or to cook Italian style. Again, take it slow and set small goals you can achieve in a reasonable amount of time; one recipe a week until you have an entire meal down to perfection, for example, or a simple sampler to start perfecting stitches followed by a more complicated embroidery project.

Losing weight.

This is a very common and very challenging personal goal. It is best undertaken when other personal goals have been set and achieved and a pattern of ‘winning’ has been established. Even then small steps are best - decide to eliminate one particular food (soda) or set of foods (sweets) from your diet, and build on that.


Exercising is another personal goal many people struggle with. Decide to do a set amount each day, and begin by setting your alarm that much earlier in the morning. Each week add another ten minutes or a new daily time to your workout schedule. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel!

You can set personal goals at work, too.

Small goals can be learning to organize better - try keeping your desk neat and orderly for three days, then for one whole week, then two! Don’t forget to reward yourself. Set deadlines for common tasks and time yourself; then try to beat your own record or figure out how to multitask to get more done faster.

Looking at yourself in a different way is a very good personal goal. If you constantly put yourself down your self-esteem can take a beating. Set yourself a goal of writing down one nice thing about yourself each night for a month. At the end of that time you can organize your list, print it out on parchment and frame the whole shebang as a reminder of the things you like about yourself.

A next step would be to pick one thing a week you want to improve in yourself, and dedicate the week to it. Make a plan of action, set a goal each day for yourself, and document your progress at the end of the week. At the end of the month you will have four things to feel good about, as you take control of your life and make positive changes.

One more thought about personal goal setting

  • Type "YES" if you have goals

Personal goal setting works best when you set realistic goals that require you to work at achieving them without seeming overwhelming. As you continue to ‘win’ every day, your self confidence grows and you will feel able to tackle higher and more challenging goals!

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