9 Stress Management Techniques

Free stress management techniques and tips to uplift your spirit

Use at least one of the following stress management techniques to do what? Yes, to manage stress!

1. Choose a happy place.

Visualize it when you feel stressed: close your eyes, tip your head back, let you arms hang slack and simply go there in your mind. It can be a beach, a garden, a forest glade and as long as you are there your worries melt away.

2. Smile!

Practice laughter yoga, or say 'cheese' to yourself at random moments for a smile. You can also say 'Roquefort!' or 'Cheddar!'.

3. Go New Age.

Check your chi by visualizing a spot in the center of your chest and another one on the crown of your head. Breathe in and visualize good energy entering your chest. Exhale and imagine that good energy running through your body and exiting out the crown of your head, pushing any negativity in front of it. Five or six good deeps breaths should clear your mind and lighten your heart.

4. You can also count to ten.

In fact, learn to count to ten in several different languages and rotate them for entertainment. This is great for when you feel you are about to say or do something that will come back to haunt you later.

5. Say no to over commitment.

Sometimes being the nice guy means you get lumped with all the stuff no-one wants to do. Learn to say 'no' when you've reached capacity - you aren't doing yourself or anyone else a favor by becoming stressed and overloaded.

6. Smell the roses.

Or the mint, or the chamomile or the eucalyptus. Certain herbs are extremely calming, and you can find them at any health store and quite a few shops that sell candles, potpourri or other aromatic oils. Placing a few drops of your favorite scent on a piece of rock salt avoids mess, and lets you carry the salt in a small vial for instant access when you need a whiff of stress reducing aroma.

7. How bad is it, really? I mean really!

Assign a numeric value to your stress level when you are tempted to panic. Zero should be the equivalent of sitting by the pool having gorgeous attendants bring you drinks with little umbrellas stuck in them. Ten should be similar to Godzilla being (A) real; and (B) right next to you. You'll be amazed at how small your problems can seem when stacked up against images of a real catastrophe.

8. Acknowledge your stress.

Say it - "I'm stressed". It's liberating, and a problem recognized is one that can be resolved. If you can identify why you are stressed, even better - knowing your stress signals and stressors can help you avoid situations in the future and control the level of anxiety.

9. Quit slouching.

Stress makes people slump their shoulders - but the very act of standing up straight can make you feel better - stronger, more confident, and more in control. Like smiling, good posture send positive signals to the brain, relieving anxiety and brightening your mood. Choose several of these stress management techniques and apply them to your own life to reduce stress and brighten your days.

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