Unlimited fun activities for the elderly

Senior citizens: Are you ready?

There are almost no limits to the fun activities for the elderly no matter where you live. Sure, you might be a little slower and a bit stiffer, and the hearing and eyesight may not be as sharp as before.

fun activities for the elderly

"Love your parents. we are so busy growing up that we often forget that the too are growing old."

But that doesn’t have to mean a lifelong sentence of nothing but I Love Lucy reruns! Are you ready to get hopping or to get your elderly loved one out of the chair and out of the house? Then let’s go!

Our minds work like our bodies; if we don’t use them, they get weak and frail. Let’s start with some “exercises” for our minds.

Mind exercises for the elderly

Card Games & Board Games – A great way to stay mentally sharp and to socialize with friends. From Texas Hold’em to Monopoly, Pinochle to Clue, an evening at the game table is a lot of fun and good for you!

Movies – At the theater or at home, a good movie can make you think, laugh and cry. Try watching a movie you normally wouldn’t watch; a thriller instead of a western or a romantic comedy instead of drama. And don’t forget the popcorn!

Reading Groups – Chances are you have acquaintances that love to read as much as you do. Why not get together once a month to share and discuss your favorite books? Bookstores and libraries have many audio books as well if reading has gotten harder for you (they just don’t make glasses like they used to!)

Computer Classes – Senior Citizen Centers and community colleges sometimes offer computer classes that can have you up to speed in no time. Computer and online skills can open up a whole new world of chatting, emailing, games, news and information. You’ll be a “computer geek” in no time.

Live Performances – Check the newspaper, your senior center or online for local community concerts and performances. Bands and theatrical troupes love to perform, often outdoors and sometimes for free. Take advantage of that and enjoy your local talent!

Physical and fun activities for the elderly

Are you ready for some fun activities for the elderly that “get physical?” Maybe sky diving and mountain climbing are no longer practical. That doesn’t mean you can’t get out of your recliner!

Exercise & Fitness Classes – Your local senior center and most private fitness centers have classes specifically intended for seniors. You’ll notice a difference and feel great in no time at all! Always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise or fitness program.

Volunteer – You’ll feel good and help others in the process when you walk dogs at an animal shelter, deliver meals to shut-ins or help out at a food bank.

How about reading to young kids or helping in a classroom?

Gardening – A little sweat, muddy shoes and dirty fingernails are all worth it when you sit down and enjoy homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers and melons. Don’t forget the vase of fresh-cut flowers…from your yard!

Painting, Sculpting, Photography – True, Manhattan galleries won’t feature your paintings, sculptures or photographs, then again, remember Grandma Moses? There could be a hidden talent in there! Classes offered by your senior center or local art supply stores would be a great way to find out.

Dance Classes – Maybe it has been a few years since you “cut a rug,” but it’s not too late to show those youngsters a thing or two on the dance floor! Or to learn a thing or two on the dance floor. It’s a great way to meet new friends too!

Having fun, mentally and physically, is not just for the young. The “young at heart” can stay younger longer by adding some laughs to life! So get out and “yuck it up!”

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