Positive thinking tips

Positive thinking tips to have the power to control your life

Having a store of positive thinking tips to fall back on in times of stress can help keep unhappiness to a minimum. Learning to think positive even in the worst of times can improve your life in ways you never even imagined!

・ Remember that you are in charge. You can control your thoughts, and deliberately remain positive if you take responsibility.

・ Look inside to find out your true desire. If you are feeling negative, maybe it is time for something in your life to change.

・ Look for the beauty in each day. There is always something worthy of a second glance, even if it just the perfection of a bubble popping on the surface of a boiling pot of water!

・ Accept that life isn't always bad. Don't be tempted to say “Things always go wrong” or “Things never work out” - you know that's not true. Stop and deliberately recall a good time to refute those negative thoughts.

・ Get excited about tomorrow. You never know what it may bring – and the chances are just as good that it will be wonderful as otherwise.

・ Believe in goodness. There is too much good in the world and the people around you to give up hope just yet!

・ Don't make excuses for not taking the plunge into happiness. Trust that you will swim strongly, and follow your dream off the diving board. You might surprise yourself with how far you can swim.

・ Don't be a victim. Don't even be a survivor – that puts too much emphasis on whatever you had to survive. Be alive, instead, and happy.

・ Focus on the future, not the past – and take control. Don't let others define you or your goals.

・ Speaking of goals – set some! One of the best positive thinking tips is thinking yourself to success; and setting goals is the perfect place to start. Start with small ones, and reward yourself for reaching them – in time, you'll be reaching for the stars.

・ Choose joy over sorrow. For every sad thing in your life, find something to rejoice over. A joyful life is a choice, not a happy accident.

・ Embrace change. Without change, growth is not possible. Grow and believe in your ability to adapt as you move forward in your life.

・ Accept that you deserve good things. Too many people push opportunities away, thinking that they are somehow unworthy. Be grateful instead, and grab on tight.

・ Reject negative thoughts' power to control you. We can't erase negative thoughts entirely, but we can control our reaction to them – replacing them with positivity is better than giving in to depression.

・ Make decisions. Passivity is one of your greatest enemies. Don't let procrastination be your trademark – decide, and do!

・ Don't allow negative people and situations to stay in your life. Kick the nay-sayers to the curb – you can't stay positive with someone hanging on and dragging you down.

・ Smile at least five times a day. Don't count any of the times you smile involuntarily! Add in smiles on purpose, and increase your happiness level automatically.

・ Figure out why you want what you want – and then figure out how to get it. If the things you are trying to get don't match the things you really want inside, you missed the bus somewhere! Get off, and look for the right path.

・ Sleep on it. If you are worn out with worry and anxiety over a decision, drink some warm tea and go to bed. Play some soft music and put yourself to sleep while mentally repeating a mantra - “I will make the right decision”. You'll wake up ready to meet the world head on.

If you use these positive thinking tips to strike out in a new direction and take control of your thoughts, your actions will soon follow. You can live the happy, fulfilled life you always dreamed of, with a smile always ready to hand and a confident, upbeat spirit!

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