The Quantum Mind Power System

Nourishing Your Mind And Body

The Person Behind The Quantum Mind Power System

The Quantum mind power system was developed by Morry Zelcovitch certified brainwave entrainment engineer who has worked under reputed brainwave researchers. This system has proved extremely beneficial to many people who have used it.

The Meaning Of Entrainment

What is the meaning of entrainment? In physics entrainment means the locking of two vibrating bodies into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. For example when a tuning fork is struck and placed next to another tuning fork it will cause the second tuning fork to vibrate at the same frequency.

How Quantum Mind Power System and Entrainment Can Be Used On Our Brains?

Now is it possible to use this theory to work on our brains? Meaning can it be that when the brain hears certain sounds it can lock into their frequency? Yes, it is possible and since ancient times, humans have used outside stimuli like singing, beats and chants to help a person become better. This is a fascinating concept with amazing potential. If stimulation occurs in the theta range, this helps learning. If stimulation occurs in the alpha range, then there will be immense benefits akin to meditation.

The benefits

The benefits are tremendous including improvement in relationships, better performance in the office, in sports, in academics, better breathing, feeling more energetic all the time, and the acquiring of a more positive outlook. One more benefit is deep relaxation, which occurs during BWE.

Rejuvenating And Reviving The Body

All the different brainwave states are important in their own way. In today’s world you hardly get a proper and sound mind and body relaxation. Your mind and body are constantly tired and stressed out. Thus this kind of therapy is essential to relieve the body of illnesses caused by stress and rejuvenate the body and mind at the same time.

Here are some of the well known benefits of the quantum mind power system;

• Improved Clarity

• Stress and Strain removal

• Reduction of pain

• Increased self-awareness

• Improved concentration

• Creativity

• Better relaxation

• Better motivation

• Improved memory

• Benefit to slow learners and special needs children

• Improvement in vitality and energy

• Improved learning

• Better focus

• Improved Inspiration

• Better Attention

• Ability to solve problems better

Now, the Quantum mind power method uses professionally mastered beats and sounds. These are much gentler on the mind and body as compared to other sources and systems and provide extremely useful benefits as they entrain with your brain.

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