Self-Esteem and Self Concept

Self-esteem and self concept can help or hurt each other. It depends on how you view yourself and the way you feel about your thoughts and actions.

Several facets of your self concept

Your self concept has several different facets. It’s what you understand about yourself, how you define yourself.

If you look at your body, and think you are ugly, or fat, if you feel that you are socially awkward and shy, if you would describe yourself as a cup half empty type of person, then you need to change your self concept!!

Fortunately, with practice you can learn to view yourself more positively, and increase your self-esteem. You have to promote a healthy way of looking at yourself, because your thoughts and feelings affect your self esteem, and your self-esteem in turn drives the way you think and feel!

You can change your self concept by evaluating and changing the four facets that contribute to how you see yourself!

If you deliberately choose to be cheerful and grateful, you can adjust your attitude. You can do this by stopping yourself every time you are about to speak or act angrily, or behave in a self defeating way. Smile and say something about one thing in your life you can be thankful for!

If you make sure each day to do something special for you, you can improve your mood. Plan a special event for each day that will bring a smile to your face, even it is just going for a walk or cutting out a funny cartoon from the paper to hang on your fridge! Remember, self-esteem and self concept are good friends. Support this relation.

If you repeat the mantra “I am worth something”, you can establish your true value. Make sure you look in a mirror and say something positive about yourself at least twice a day - first thing in the morning and last thing at night!

If you learn about yourself, you can alter your beliefs about the kind of person you are. You can come to believe that you are a good person, that you deserve good things, and that you are capable of greatness!

By completely re-evaluating the way you define yourself you will be able to move forward in your life with a great, strong self-esteem and self concept. This is possible by encouraging positive thought processes and reinforcing your own value in your own eyes.

You will be able to look at your body and see strength and beauty. You will be more self confident and feel comfortable around other people. You will be a cup overflowing type of person! As you come to this realization your whole demeanor will change, and others will also be able to see you for who have become.

When you have developed a healthy self concept, self-esteem will come naturally - so start rebuilding yourself today!

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