Self-Esteem Lyrics

Self-esteem lyrics are a way that is often used to express uncomfortable feelings and problems people have with self-esteem. On this page are some examples of self-esteem lyrics.

Here’s one example from Straw called “Anthem for the Low in Self-Esteem”:

“He said I'll never be the face on a magazine.

I hate my clothes and my hair and my genes.

Type it out with 40,000 chimpanzees.

And come and play the muppet that looks like me and my friends and everyone else who knows me.

Always a pleasure never a chore.

A red light flashing on and off for applause.

Comfort blanket for the open sores of my friends and everyone else who knows me.

Everybody loves me.

Always thinking of me.

Everybody wants to be my special friend oh joy.

Everybody loves me.

Always thinking of me.

An anthem for the low in self-esteem oh boy.”

This song continues with this line:

“We sing a song of freedom for the low in self-esteem.

Surf a lowly singdom for the low in self-esteem.”

Another example of Self-Esteem Lyrics is by Offspring

“I wrote her off for the tenth time today

And practiced all the things I would say

When she came over I lost my nerve

I took her bag and made her dessert

Now I know I'm being used

But that's okay man cause I like the abuse

I know she's playing with me

But that's okay cause I've got no self esteem”

A description of even lower self-esteem was described by Seven Wiser in these self-esteem lyrics:

“I don’t like it

What you made me in

And everything’s in black and white

I still see it

From in your eyes

I don’t like it

I won’t change for anyone

Don’t like you callin’ me what you will

You turn me in

Don’t return any of my calls

You don’t even know that I’m alive

Left me stripped of my self-esteem.”

Gob described problems with low self-esteem in these lyrics:

“I don’t have no reasons for my action

Lately I’ve found that I’m a secret

Call me stupid, call me what you want to

I still can’t feel perfect inside your head

I don’t know why. It still makes me cry.”

Low self-esteem causes people to experience extreme negative emotions that are often written about in song lyrics. It’s certainly healthy to release feelings of anger or sadness. But it’s even healthier to work each day to raise your self-esteem rather than to dwell on feelings of inferiority.

Song lyrics are often helpful to people to help them realize they are not alone with these types of feelings. Recognizing you have a problem with low self-esteem is the first step toward doing something about it. Be sure to spend some time browsing this site for suggestions on improving your self-esteem. You don’t have to keep feeling these uncomfortable feelings.

All the lyrics quoted on this site are the property of the artists who wrote them and are offered here for informational and educational purposes only.

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