Free Time Management Test

A time management test can help you evaluate how well organized you are, and reveal areas in which you have room for improvement. Managing your time efficiently means you can be more productive and have more free time. Creating good habits and discarding bad ones can increase your ability to manage your time, and make your days less stressful.

Good time management habits(worth 2 points each)

• Keeping a monthly calendar

• Keeping a weekly calendar

• Having a daily planner, and making a list of activities/obligations each morning

• Being able to select the top three things and shortlist them

• Being able to organize quickly, then tackle your day

• Keeping phone numbers/addresses organized and in one place

• Keeping notes and papers organized neatly and divided according to type

• Using post-its as reminders

• Carrying a calculator

• Being willing to ask for information or help

• Working at times of peak concentration and alertness

• Alternating enjoyable tasks with less fun ones to keep momentum going

• Multitasking to take advantage of waiting periods

• Keeping a strict budget

• Getting enough sleep

• Eating right

• Striving for optimal work conditions

• Setting short and long term goals, and writing them down

• Delegating when appropriate

• Knowing when to take a break when frenzied activity stops yielding results

Bad time management habits(worth 2 points each, total to be deducted from good habits total when done)

• Staying up late - especially when you have a long day the next day

• Not planning ahead - just diving in without any preparatory time

• Wasting time waiting instead of multitasking when appropriate

• Watching more than 3 hours of television per day

• Allowing outside issues to distract you from your goals

• Having a disorganized workspace

• Using random scraps of paper to jot down phone numbers, appointments, etc.

• Taking frequent coffee or smoking breaks that disrupt your flow of work

• Agreeing to take on more obligations than you can handle

• Worrying about unimportant details instead of dealing with major issues

Add up the points in the first section. Add up the points in the second section, Subtract the second number from the first number to see your score.

A score between 34 and 40 indicates that you are excellent at managing your time. You are highly organized and efficient.

A score between 28 and 34 indicates you are about average - you try to be organized, but have room for improvement.

A score between 22 and 28 means you may need to devote some serious time to time management, including learning how to organize your day and track your time use for later analysis.

A score below 20 on a time management test indicates you really, really need to work on your skills. Start watching your day for black holes where time just disappears, and figure out ways to stop the drain. Once you have established good habits, you should see your efficiency and productivity increase, and your days will automatically become less stressful and more relaxed as you learn how to manage your time, budget and personal life.

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