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Quotes On Success - How Can You Achieve Success?

Use the following famous quotes on success to realize what it is, how you can succeed and what you have to do in order to reach happiness and fulfillment in your life.

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Spirit knows value

When the heart weeps For what it thinks it has lost, The spirit laughs for what it knows It has found. Eliza's A walk with Destiny

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Hard Not

If I didn't learn it the hard way, I didn't learn it!

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Free self hypnosis scripts...Here are some tips and techniques about self hypnosis...Anyone can learn how to use self hypnosis scripts...


Self-Esteem Articles -

Self-esteem articles to provide you with some valuable information and advice on how to boost your self-esteem and confidence. Articles on self control, self respect ...

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Developing Self Confidence - Create Your Future

Developing self confidence is a learning process. Constant studying, improving your skills. Use these techniques to build self-esteem and self confidence.

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When asked to tell us what her positive attributes are...

She can't seem to wrap her brain around the question. We will legitametly sit together for 10 minutes with no answers. She will then finally write down

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Love pain

Love is like a rose... So Beautiful but painful

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Mom of 3......Professional Counselor

I have three boys ages 5,13 and 16. I tell them they are my favorite boys that age. I tell them each privately. I emphasize that they can do anything

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You can beat me up, but you can never knock me down

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